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fuck you now.
Frozen for frozen, not even wrapped.
Where are the burgers?
I mean, it just doesn't look anything like a bug on was processed like that stamped impress.
You could just tell.
Come with me.
How's the 15?
Okay, the best.
I'm sorry.
I'm burgers.
A burger cooked here locally.
Would you expect that to be frozen or fresh?
Burger is not frozen.
Patties and everything come in frozen.
You thought out?
Is that like people out?
So it's not frozen.
It comes in frozen.
You thought out that to the your customers is not frozen burger.
Well, stay there.
Let me just show you that.
You waiting for him to come back?
He's gonna bring me on something.
Oh, boy.
Here we go.
Thank you.
Your husband said it wasn't No, no, it's It's frozen.
Of course.
I never said that.
It wasn't it.
We thought out here it comes in frozen.
Yeah, it's still a frozen burger.
There's no such thing as a fresh burger.
At least at least here in Eastern Washington.
Have you seen any of this stuff going on here?
Do you have any idea what's going on?
What's this pre cooked bacon trickle from when it's dated.
Think they do it every day?
When was that?
That's not today.
They did.
Honestly, let's see what it says.
We're in November the sixth.
Now, this is insane.
Look at that in there.
Don't you drain that all.
He just sits there in his blood.
I'm in here, That's all.
What's that?
What's that noise?
That's the fan.
I know, Karen, You've got no idea that this is going on like this.
What is that?
No French fries.
Why is the water so dirty?
Nobody changes.
Sorry, Nobody didn't change.
You're cooking fries from there tonight.
In that water.
I saw them.
The fire twice.
It sucks.
Where'd you get the ham from?
She bought it at the store.
Holy crap.
It's a spiral cut.
They cut it and put it in here and use it for side of hands.
What was last time?
This was clean.
Uh, last year when I clean the shelf.
Last year.
When we clean the oven, we're in November last year.
Yes, sir.
I asked, can we need to shut down way?
Got it.
We got to do lately?
Look at the mess.
Why'd you let it go?
I didn't know that they were doing things that were not her.
That No, But let's listen to me, Jack.
This bullshit the guy.
Okay, let's tell the truth here, OK?
I have some new equipment.
I can't get no new equipment.
Why not?
I've been here for four years.
I've been asking for new equipment.
I can work with this shit.
Here, Look.
Look at that.
Fucking What is this?
Oh, man, look at that.
Water's going sliming and you come in here once a week.
Why's that?
Oh, boy, Bucket.
Why's that pina colada?
Pena colada.
Why it's like that.
I have no idea.
It's fast.
It's It is often bubbling.
Oh, man, that's terrible.
Trash, Please.
James, Trash, please.
Now, Gina Kolata, right down the drain by the bucket load in the walk in fridge.
I mean, who in the hell off race like this?
Gordon, this is Chef.
Ben's job is the executive chef.
Executive chef.
And you made him the executive chef, right?
Sure I did.
How did you feel now?
What's that?
Tuna burger.
That's from the burger.
Yes, it is.
Oh, my God.
Seriously, Bacon.
It's gone.
It is off.
Fresh produce on top of all produce.
Moldy on this one.
Rib eye.
Rib eye defrosting.
What is this?
There's a smoked grilled chicken wings before they go on to the char grill Boys in this one.
You're kidding me.
So underneath that buckets WAAS cooked product chokes chicken.
On top of it is Watts.
It's wrong.
Raw chicken on top of cooked chicken.
I had them for lunch.
I am at a fucking loss.
You're the best way out of this.
It's just shut the place down.
What a mess.
Wheel's stuck just sliding on the fucking grease.
We'll go.
It's gross.
Brenda, you know, two seconds.
Just stand behind there with a priest and behind there.
I'm What is this?
You guys just keep this.
Is this From today?
I don't even know what's back.
There were rendered watts.
When was that cleans?
Just two days ago.
They got spilled.
Everything there.
Come here.
I know.
Hand on heart.
That is not from yesterday.
That is not from this.
What's out there?
What's your eyes?
What's your eyes?
Cleans the shit.
Who is it?
I've been here.
No one clean since you've been here.
No one's clean.
I appreciate your honesty, Brenda.
Since things bean here, he's never cleaned it.
This place is disgusting.
This a recording?
I don't come and do this job.
I trust them that they would.
You guys cleaned the floor the other day, didn't you?
We cleaned the line the other day.
We swept the lines.
You said You never know.
You're just trying to make excuses.
Yes, you are.
Are you embarrassed, Mary?
At least you talk the fucking truth.
The owners in denial that has been pulled out for fucking months.
That wasn't for that.
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The MOST Disgusting Kitchens On Hotel Hell

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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