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I'm excited about avenue fire freakin fun.
People love this show, and it's It's this great funny show that takes place in the Rome of It's a science fiction science fiction category.
It is.
It's a science fiction show, but not a traditional like Star Trek ease.
Yes, fiction show.
Are you a fan of the genre?
Huge fan.
So anybody who knows me knows that I'm really into Star Trek, but also Star Wars.
So because both, both, both.
So I got him afraid to pick sides.
I like not to get the same time.
I, uh so that one day I get this phone call, which is like, the phone call you dream of, Uh, and I get a phone call from my friend Daisy Ridley and she goes, So I'm on the set of Star Wars, and I would love to have you come visit and I was shooting in London and I was like, Oh, my kind, Oh, my God, Yes, yes, yes, yes, and I kept prolonging.
I had to shoot that day and all sorts of stuff came up.
Finally, on the last day that they were shooting, I said, Can I come?
She goes well, Josh, She's British.
So there's my impression of days and she goes, Well, Josh, it's a closed set, so I'm not sure if you can come today And I said, Okay, well, that sucked.
But she goes, Let me talk to J J J J J J J J.
I'm not in like a nickname.
So she goes, Let me speak to J.
She calls me and she goes, I don't know how or why, but J.
J wants you to come today.
It's nice.
So I'm like, Great.
So I go and I'm so excited to see, like a you know, like them getting on, too.
Like the Millennium Falcon were just like something like crazy, right?
I got there.
And in McDermott, one is in his Palpatine Alfa.
Uh, this next part is gonna be a spoiler alert for those of you have not seen Star Wars.
So I'm there.
And the first dialogue that comes out of his mouth is you are my granddaughter while you're there while I'm there.
I was fucking pissed.
Yeah, that's a huge moment, and you're anticipating seeing the film.
And most times when people come to the set there.
Watching like this is the scene where Han Solo takes a bite of a sandwich and they get 15 shots of it.
Try it again.
Okay, let's take it from this angle.
And you see that?
That's like, Hey, come to come to my said I'm m Night Shyamalan.
Come to my set.
Oh, guess what?
This is Bruce Willis and Bruce Willis.
I'm just gonna shoot my scene.
I'm a ghost.
I don't remember that ever being a line in the booth.
Get this.
I'm a I feel really stupid, but yeah, I was like, I feel so honored but also so disrespected and then say that you would think I wouldn't want to experience that with an audience now.
Ah, one of the things that's cool in your character in Avenue five.
First of all, I love this character because he's he's sort of the billionaire center of it.
All right, you're you're running.
It's basically you're running this.
How would you call it?
It's not like a cruise line.
It's space.
Like a space tourism.
Like Cruz, I would literally say cruise on what you said and it's in the future.
And what, 40 50 years in the future.
40 years.
And, um, and your Ah, first of all your hair in this.
I love the hair they gave the hair is pretty incredible.
It's It's like a Frankenstein version of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Philip Seymour Hoffman by way of Jack Black, all rolled in tow.
We have it right here, and you'll see that.
Yeah, lovely.
Right there.
You could pull that off.
You don't.
I'm not suggesting you need to.
No, no, I understand.
Oh, thank you.
That we often say to Andy, you should grow your hair.
I would get confused.
People would think I was David Spade if you were a magician in space.
So, Yeah, she's got a crazy Didn't you used to have when you were younger, you went through a blonde phase.
I did.
I went through.
We're gonna show this, aren't we?
And I'm gonna be very sad.
This is the stuff up without I did I I went through a phase where I was questioning myself as a human being, and, uh, and I decided to change my look completely it for context.
Eminem was really popular at the time.
Let's take a look Let's take a look.
We'll see.
I'm sensing Billy Idol, Billy Idol against Donofrio Way.
Have a clip.
We have a clip here From what?
What just happened?
I don't know.
This People want still mad about the Star Wars yelling, Uh, we have a clip here from from Avenue five.
And this is a scene, I believe, where basically things have gone very wrong on this year.
Things have gotten very wrong on the ship.
And Herman Judd, as he often does, assumes that he knows better than all of the experts.
I love you and your character is because he's a billionaire and it's his toy to play with.
He thinks he knows about things, but he has no technical technological knowledge.
No technical savvy.
I based him on Billy McFarland, who created the Fire Festival guy just like loves to talk a good game, but no clue what way also have I'm gonna mention Hugh Laurie.
One of my favorite actors is a cz the captain.
He's the captain.
You worry is unbelievable as the captain, and and there's a lot of reveals along the way that I don't want to spoil for the audience and sure.
And the cast is incredible.
Zach Woods, Suzy Nakamura, Rebecca Front List goes on and on.
And, uh, yeah, it's It's pretty special.
Let's think about this clip from 75.
Maybe the worst disaster since Google folded.
They'll figure this out.
You know, they turn the moon into a massive jail.
They patented the liquid glove.
How hard could it be to reset?
Of course.
Point to one degrees.
It's like less than half a right angle.
How can that make us three years late?
Um, me.
OK, eso We were going this way and now we're going this way.
You see how my hands moving far apart.
It's further in reality, obviously.
Obviously, that's obvious, right?
No, that's well, that's not right.
It is right.
Is it right?
No, it would be a straight line.
No, no.
Who's the engineer here?
Who's a genius?
No confidence in any of you.
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Daisy Ridley & J.J. Abrams Spoiled "Rise Of Skywalker" For Josh Gad - CONAN on TBS

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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