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hi guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to do a video about why I
should stop being humble all these little accomplishments and
things that I've done throughout my life I would always kind of cancel or the
little dare to you know not to look like I'm bragging or that it's a big deal and
to get too much attention and to look like I'm showing off and it's just such
a self-destructive thing to do especially if you are in the business of
personal branding now don't get me wrong I'm not telling you you should go out
there and every person unique you gonna tell them about your accomplishments and
what you have in what you did this definitely needs to be context and the
proper setting and time for everything so once I started looking into the
subject and realized that it's not only me this is just something that you can
see throughout every industry with just women and I pull this Forbes article and
I notice a few points that I was just like that's so me that's so true I used
to do this all the time and sometimes still do many women shine the idea of
building a personal brand or understanding and communicating their
competitive advantage I think for some reason a lot of us are really aware of
our weaknesses and maybe we talk about that more but we should do the opposite
because when you focus on something that's strong is just gonna lift
everything else up another point many women shy away from networking not
understanding how to talk about themselves and what they want I had so
many opportunities to capture a client or to put myself out there and network
with some really strong people and I just didn't want to come and pitch them
I just felt like pitching and it's so not true because I
see that that happening every single day around me I see people knowing how to
network approach it laid out their who they are and what they can do and move
along and nothing happened no one judges their that's business
appearing humble can hold women back from networking powerfully but
networking is the single biggest source 80 percent in fact of landing jobs
getting promoted and advancing in our careers we simply can't achieve our
biggest dream in highest visions without others if you don't network you never
find mentors you don't find supporters you don't find people that can inspire
you and help you get to the next level I don't want to get to this whole like men
versus women type of thing but it's just a norm that women were raised on this
you know feeling that if you are a woman and you want to be treated as one these
are kind of the characteristics you should have and being humble and being
modest and all these things are what you need to be and we're with men it doesn't
happen and see you all the time with Gary like Gary sees the opportunity and
the gain of self-promotion again in the right context at the right time and when
you out there advocating for yourself and talking about what you know and who
you are and your strengths you're capturing people's attention the right
people that come and present to you more opportunities for you to grow so they
give you a little bit of background and I was invited to speak as a social media
- or as part of this summit for business students and there was about 50 people
or so and this was my first speaking engagement but it was really all about
an experience in the industry my strategy of how I identified with my
brand is and someone for me was a really bad experience I got adequately read and
I was stumbling on my words I have no idea the direction I was taking Larry
kind of looked at me and said you modesty's it's a great thing but your
humbleness is hurting you a lot he's like you were invited as a social media
entrepreneur those people don't know what you are and you just kind of
started talking and you didn't captivated that attention of those
people you didn't legitimize yourself it looked like you didn't even know why you
were there if I've not stood there on that stage telling the cold hard facts
of you know why I'm here saying those words I would have also
convinced myself that I deserve to be there because the way I was sending and
presenting myself I was just like I don't know what they called me here for
I don't know what I'm doing here I was really disappointed with myself and I
was wondering how many women do that in their workplace and their relationships
with themselves where we just like don't give ourselves credit for what we do and
what we achieve and celebrate small victories and you know remind ourselves
that were badass and that we're doing amazing and that look at you know these
things that I've done from small to big so it really made me aware of this
playing small behavior and how it's kind of like I'm limiting on my own self and
I'm not letting wonderful things that are you know want
to come away and I'm just not giving them the room to come in because it's
very important to be humble and don't get confused when I'm talking about
being humble I'm really talking about just being assertive and being
passionate and being strong minded and standing up for yourself you know saying
what you think and what you deserve to have and fighting for it that's really
where I'm coming from when I'm talking about humbling yourself because we
should all be proud of our hustle and if we don't advocate for ourselves and
their own personal brand and push it no one's gonna do that for you yes I do
believe in working hard and a lot of the times you know when you do work hard
some people may notice but it's a noisy world out there and there's a lot of
talent out there and you can work really hard but you also have to promote
yourself you also have to bring your hard work to people's attention because
you're fighting for that attention every single day so it just made me think how
many of us are just letting opportunities slide by us because we
don't want to seem too aggressive or we don't want to seem equip bragging about
things I feel like there's really no novelty it planes small and trying to
fit a certain criteria or a certain definition of what it is being a woman
today because live in such an amazing time we're
really redefining everything that a woman is and what she can be and what
you can achieve so I just really wanted to make this video to put this message
out there that maybe you're doing it in your daily lives maybe you're not
fighting for your own right to get things that you deserve maybe you're not
standing up for yourself maybe you're not going and asking for that raise
asking for that promotion leading in more in meetings or at school asking
questions I just want you to be conscious of that playing small behavior
and unhung beliar self humble yourself
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Being Humble Is Holding You Back | Unhumble Yourself!

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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