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It's hard because, I just forget that we're not
supposed to hug and--
We're not supposed to touch anymore.
No, I know.
It's very strange.
I think the whole fashion industry is going to--
I think gloves are going to come back in style.
Remember how gloves were, like in the 50s--
when women wore gloves?
I think, like, Diane Keaton's ahead of the fashion trend.
She always is.
Anyway, it's good to see you.
It's good to see you.
And I'm excited that you have music coming.
It's been 11 years.
11 years since I've had an album out, yes.
Now did you-- because I stopped stand up for a chunk of time
because I was just done with it.
And then I missed it.
Is that what happened with you, or why did you stop
for so long?
I think I was scared.
Fear definitely crept in.
There was a lot of self-doubt.
And I feel like the longer you let something
like that linger--
--the more terrifying it is to jump back in.
So did you write a lot of these songs?
I wrote all the songs.
All of them?
So you obviously started--
--a while back.
I started in the last year.
I wrote the whole record with my husband, Taylor,
and my best friend, Mike.
Both of whom are in my band and will be here later.
But yeah, we wrote the whole record together
over the course of the last year.
And then here we are.
I was watching rehearsal.
I was in my dressing room when you were out here rehearsing
and watching it.
I love the song.
It's great.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's great.
Thank you so much.
And as you mentioned, your husband is a musician.
He is.
So I would think that, that would be so fun.
Because all of us like to sing.
Whether we can or not, we sing around the house.
But to be a singer and then to be married to a singer,
y'all must just sing around the house.
It's pretty dreamy, yeah.
He always is playing the piano or playing guitar.
And we have a houseful of animals.
We have two dogs and three cats.
And I believe one of the last times I was on the show,
we talked about Fig, our cat, who
had to have his name changed because he was freaking out.
It's a very long story.
We talked to a pet psychic.
She told us we needed to change his name to Figaro.
And he truly, anytime I start singing or Taylor sings--
especially when we harmonize--
he could be on the other side of the house, fast asleep,
and suddenly he's up on the piano with us, and he sings.
Just, I mean, he meows but--
We have a clip of this?
(SINGING) Lord---
(SINGING) I don't want to hang up the phone yet.
(SINGING) It's been good.
Wait, I--
I'm really confused though.
So you've changed the name.
And that plus the singing, and the meowing happened?
And the meowing happened.
He didn't?
Now, cat's just meow for a living.
That's what they do.
--it was not meowing before?
No, not vocal like this.
It's pretty sweet.
That's fantastic--
We have a little local trio.
--and encouraging.
And encouraging, (CHUCKLING) yes.
All right, so, look.
I want to show a TikTok that y'all made at "This is Us."
Oh, God.
And I want to ask you a question because--
It's kind of apparent as we watch it.
All right.
I'm just looking for Justin.
Justin Hartley?
OK, I'm a terrible dancer.
You can see, I very strategically hid myself
behind Sterling K. Brown and Jon Huertas.
I'm in old age makeup, so maybe you
don't even know that it's me.
But Justin makes me feel better about myself--
--with his dance there.
Bless him.
I love him so.
He's so talented.
He's an incredible actor and director.
But dancing is not his forte.
Makes me feel better about myself.
--it looks like--
I'm not great either, but he's like--
He's doing something--
No, he's--
--totally different.
He's listening to another song on--
It looks like something I'd do as a joke, like to make--
That's how wrong--
It's hilarious.
--it is, yes.
I want to show some pictures of your Throwback Thursdays
because, really, of all people that post pictures of Throwback
Thursdays, you win.
That's very kind of you.
There's some examples, some really good examples.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, so--
Who did that haircut?
My mom.
My mom is to blame for the mullet and the really terrible
It looks like--
I don't know-- like she used a Flowbee.
Now, that's adorable.
That's more kind of what you should be
looking like as a young child.
I mean-- yes.
The braces, the weird, awkward hair-- yeah.
And now, how long did you have the braces for?
I had the braces for a year.
Not very long.
Is that how long they usually stay on?
I think for some people, they stand for quite a while.
I didn't have braces.
My brother did, and I was jealous because I didn't.
I wanted braces.
And I kept trying to justify it by saying, look,
I have an overbite.
They're like, no, that's the way your teeth are supposed to go.
They're not supposed to match up perfectly, like that.
I was so jealous that I didn't have to--
Braces are fun.
The colored bands for holidays.
Come on.
I know.
It's part of childhood.
I have to say- so you don't do music for 11 years?
And now, the timing of you going on tour could not be--
Any worse.
How is this?
You're going on tour, right?
I'm going on tour.
My first tour in 13 years.
All across the country, during this very bizarre time.
Traveling all across the country.
Meeting and greeting along the way.
Elbowing along the way.
I know.
It's sort of precarious timing but hopefully
everything will unfold the way is supposed to.
I hope so, too.
Yeah, because I miss performing.
I mean, honestly, making this record, to me,
was a conduit to being able to go on the road.
Like you were saying about stand up,
it's like I miss being on stage.
I miss the adrenaline, performing live,
and having the band behind me.
So hopefully it will.
Yeah, I hope so.
Because it's great.
I mean, I love that you're going back to music.
It was your first love.
It's my first love.
All right, Mandy's album, "Silver Landings," is out now.
She's going to perform for us a little later in the show.
We'll be right back.
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Mandy Moore, Her Cat, & Her Husband Make the Perfect Vocal Trio

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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