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It's speaking in Chinese, so cool!
Staff: Do you have [boarding pass]?
*moment of relief*
Now, that was a bit scary.
Couldn't find my boarding pass for a second, but we found it. Now, we're on our way.
Staff: Welcome abroad!
Cool, they're giving out pillows!
I got a pillow.
Look, so nice!
She's giving cold medicine to a passenger, so nice!
So the plane is actually pretty good
I'm impressed. We [weren't] able to fit our bag in the upper luggage compartment,
and a lady took it to the back for us,
and said that if we ever needed it, she would get it for us,
which is really, really nice.
It's just super friendly overall, so I have to give it a five.
And for amenities, you get a blanket, pillow and earphones. Just basic for economy
So I give it a three
*thumbs up!*
You know, when we first walked in, they had a business class [and] have a proper seat that have a screen,
they have charging for [your] AC outlet, but then we went to the economy side and they had screens.
They had a USB charger. The headphone jack, it was not like two headphone jacks,
where you have to use your special headphones.
You can use actually use your iPhone headphones(earpods), which is pretty nice.
For economy seats, it's quite spacious and comfortable,
so I give it a five.
Paolo, pointing: Can I get this one?
It's soft and juicy. It's pretty good.
Paolo: What kind of beers do you have?
Great beer options, actually tasty food, nothing to really [to] complain about but I'm just going to give it a four,
since I'm hoping there's a five out there somewhere
Touchscreen, newest movies, also they have multiplayer games.
Michael and I enjoyed playing [tetris] together on this flight. Mobile phones are okay to use as well
It's got everything, and I have nothing else to ask for, so I'm going to give it a five
Economy doesn't offer the lounge access, so I've skipped it for this review.
Now, overall looks like a pretty good experience. The staff are pretty friendly, no complaints even in economy this time around.
I haven't flown ANA in a while, but I think even for these short flights [like] three hours and 50 minutes
[Economy's] pretty good, so I'm definitely recommending
*many thanks*
We're off!
Think we're like the last people off of this
Our stuff got stuck at behind to go anyways no worries. They're made in the philippines
Now we got a catch an uber and get to the hotel.
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ANA Economy Flight Review - IS IT WORTH IT?

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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