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These plates contain same amount of food
But the portion looks much bigger on the smaller plate.
So replace large plates with smaller ones and you’ll end up eating less.
Don’t reach for snacks using your dominant hand.
Instead, use your non-dominant hand and you’ll end up eating about 20% less.
Short wide glasses look like they contain the same amount of liquid as the tall thin one,
but that’s an illusion, actually, they hold far more.
To cut down on drinking, use a tall thin glass.
Then there is the power of mirrors.
In one experiment psychologist Brad Bushman…
Hi, there. I’m Brad Bushman.
Placed both healthy and unhealthy food on a table and asked people to snack away.
When he placed a mirror behind the food, they became more self-conscious and ate more healthily.
So try placing a mirror in your kitchen or on the refrigerator door.
You consume fewer calories each day if you chew gum when you feel hungry.
And go for fruit flavored gum because mint flavor makes some healthy food taste strange.
People eat quickly consume more.
To eat less, just slowdown or perhaps put your fork or spoon down between each bite.
Research shows that people eat fewer snacks when they’re served on red plates
Perhaps because red is associated with stop.
Either way when you have the choice go for red plates and BOWLS.
You eat more when you watch television and so simply turning off your TV at meal times means you consume up to 50% less.
Just taking a photograph of all of the unhealthy food that you eat
will help you cut down on unhealthy eating by around about a third.
Whenever we see lots of different varieties of food,
we’re tempted to try some of each.
To eat less, serve the same amount of food, but cut down on the variety.
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10 Amazing Ways To Stop Overeating

91725 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on February 10, 2015
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