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  • way because we are the Lord's off Amazing breakfast up here, Burger Hollywood's.

  • So this is our amazing, super talented, dynamic chef.

  • This breakfast menus acculturation together and also that twisted people live fast but super delicious, even with the most amazing, which was your idea.

  • So it's taken from it almost like a sticky toffee pudding, but done with authentic little battery Campbell eyes looking good that's going to slow down the process.

  • Touch of seasoning on, then my fresh chives in there.

  • Hold that in secret.

  • This sub scrambled a literally gonna come off your full of spatula and then seizing a last minute ticket too early to go.

  • Great cool waited a house made of plant based sausage, which we blended with spices A little some scrambled tofu on.

  • Then that weakened, but as well on their saw scrambled last week.

  • Finally, that's not least our French, the delicious brunch burger.

  • So we'll start off with caramelized shallots, almost like a little sort of onion jam.

  • We're going out peaceful, that look at that.

  • Come on, seriously, guys working out at four in the morning Free present.

  • Fergus Soft scrambled Last Bagel has in Regan Last Regan amazing, right?

  • Welcome to behind the scenes, but this is a very special moment.

  • Here is a unique Wellington.

  • On on top is one million because we're about to announce our 1st 1,000,000 customer in just over two years now.

  • They don't know that we know who they are.

  • Come join me and witness this historic moments.

  • Health Kitchen, season palace.

  • This is a big one.

  • Let's go.

  • I'm so excited to be here.

  • But tonight is a extra special evening because way have just celebrated one million customers.

  • Good news is is that they are here and they have no idea that they are.

  • We're about surprise him.

  • Join me to help celebrate our one millionth customer because we're about to approach them.

  • I wish that made Please, It's you.

way because we are the Lord's off Amazing breakfast up here, Burger Hollywood's.

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