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  • Go to the red hot center of what's

  • important in somebody's life.

  • Because that's where you get the truth.


  • In this era, most people are skeptical,

  • distrustful of the news media.

  • Everyone is a journalist.

  • You gather information, verify it, and communicate it.

  • Everyone has their own version of the truth.

  • But there are facts.


  • What I'm going to teach in this class

  • is the importance of human sources.

  • No one ever gives you the full story.


  • Often, it's a mix of truth and untruth.

  • The job is to go verify.

  • "I shall resign the presidency, effective at noon tomorrow."

  • The President of the United States is not above the law.


  • The human source is the savior of journalism.

  • In this MasterClass, I'm going to teach you research,

  • investigating, how to gather information,

  • how to interview people, and how to find the story

  • and build the story.


  • The purpose of an interview is not gotcha, is not to catch.

  • I have a little technique of sticking

  • this finger over my little finger,

  • jamming it down so it hurts, and it's a reminder to shut up.

  • And just listen.

  • Let the silence suck out the truth.


  • This is a time we're being tested.

  • Let's tell the truth.

  • Let's not be chickens**** about this.

  • Break the rules- not the law, but the rules.

  • This is the final exam for democracy.

  • I'm Bob Woodward, and this is my MasterClass.

Go to the red hot center of what's

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