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Hi there.
We've been talking about the quality of Pierre Emerick, Obama Yang of are still all night here on Monday Night Football, so timeto plunge Jamie Carragher into virtual reality and take on the shoes of a quality finish.
Jamie, what a privilege yet.
But if you look down on the on the pitch and we see see all the players involved.
But Rachel were on the far side.
You see Obama and really wide on the left with highlights the as you said tonight.
Let's just get it over there now.
I mean, come Obama Young So he's really wide there, you see, the position is in on straight away.
You put that everything back for its very high off the pitch.
You see CDB, they'll use up a games is not really keeping an eye on Obama and he's looking at David always coming up with the ball.
His body position is not right.
Undoubtedly wishes ventures with the ball now on then straightaway, I think Obama young things.
I can see that space between center back and fullback and also who's on the ball.
David Louise.
At times your question the defendant, but you're kind of question is a technical ability on the ball.
I think right now Obama young noses in business, the space between defenders on the space for him to run into on the body position of the fullback.
They sew it rooms inside really closer because he knows if he runs onto the past now is going to be in on gold.
I don't want to be running down the side into the channel.
He wants that running on goal and there you see David Louis.
She's just gonna make that pass you see is ruining his time perfectly because he's still inside the now.
Then when it received the bull, No chance of me and catching him.
You look inside Holgate on they striker for rationally.
No one's gonna be squared for a pass on TV.
No chance of catching him on.
Now he comes through now on again.
You look at the position of the goalkeeper I think is perfect.
There's a bit of a gap there on the far side, but it's Connie deliver from there.
How often we saw teary on re in this position.
Just bend it down A goalkeeper.
I'm just actually look down now Gordon takes anything probably.
But the big thing, I think for Jordan Pickford.
Yes, I think that is the best option to try and bend it.
Their most players would.
But the thing for Jordan pick for it is if you see Obama Young's right fault.
I think it's pretty obvious where that's going to go.
It's just can t stop it, I said His position, I think, is perfect.
But again go back to Obama.
Young there.
Now you look down at that ball and it's candy.
Just bend that round.
The goalkeeper.
We know the answer.
Finished teary on relabel.
Maybe we shouldn't say that we should say Obama Young like, because at this moment is in that type of company and he has tweeted us already for Thanks for the crazies being dealt with by Night Football.
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Jamie Carragher uses VR to analyse Aubameyang's goal against Everton | MNF

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 19, 2020
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