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  • Lots of wealthy individuals and corporations depend on things like:

  • well educated staff, doctors and hospitals to keep people healthy,

  • good roads to go to meetings and home to their families,

  • courts that protect contracts and land,

  • and the police and fire brigade, who keep them from harm.

  • What pays for all of these services?

  • It´s tax!

  • However...

  • many of these wealthy individuals and corporations

  • don't want to pay for the services that they benefit from.

  • So they hide their money in tax havens,

  • where their loot is protected by a wall of secrecy

  • and where laws and regulations are always 'up for discussion'.

  • Who cares?

  • Well, in wealthier countries, everyone else

  • has to contribute more. Whilst public services are cut.

  • Is this ringing a bell?

  • In developing countries it's worse. Resources are looted

  • and they're forced to rely on aid instead of their own taxes.

  • And for every dollar of aid that goes in, ten dollars in dirty money flows out.

  • Guess where the money ends up...

  • Tax havens!

  • Half the world's trade passes through them.

  • They're hiding trillions of dollars

  • on behalf of criminals, dictators, wealthy individuals and multinationals.

  • And there's a whole lot more going on, too.

  • [Escape Banking Laws] [Politicians for Sale] [Launder Money Here] [Dictators Hide Your Loot] [Democracy? Pah!]

  • Find out what tax havens are, why they're so damaging,

  • and what WE can do about it.

  • Visit

Lots of wealthy individuals and corporations depend on things like:

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It's Time to Tackle Tax Havens

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    SophyYeh posted on 2014/01/29
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