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  • Hey, I'm Andy Haynes, and I'm here on the Late Late Show, and I'm reading questions from Reddit that you were too afraid to ask.

  • Is eating garlic bread with ketchup?

  • Normal?

  • No, it is not.

  • It's very far from normal.

  • So if you're doing that, knock it off.

  • Do rich people have softer, but because they can buy better toilet paper?

  • Definitely.

  • But it's not just the toilet paper.

  • There's all sorts of things.

  • They're using nicer wipes.

  • They're using lotions and medicines and things like that.

  • I mean, that's the thing.

  • You don't even know about it because that's how rich they are.

  • There's things that they're applying to their butt lotions nicer than the kinds we apply to our face.

  • Do you ever see yourself in the mirror?

  • And you're like, Wait, that's me.

  • I'm a person.

  • Well, I haven't done mushrooms for a long time, But does anyone else also kiss their own shoulder because it feels good?

  • Sometimes I'll kiss the like the kind of the nape of my arm and that.

  • Let me tell you, if you're just going for the shoulder, get in on that Nate to most people in their twenties feel like their lives are over.

  • Uh, they better not, because he has to make it through your thirties and forties, and they get a lot scarier because you get uglier.

  • So I would say, if you do feel like that, wait it out because you're gonna feel like that again.

  • Is it considered okay to have sex in front of your pets?

  • Uh, yeah.

  • You might want to make sure that they feel comfortable with it.

  • I had a next girlfriend that had a small dog and he would get jealous and eat her underwear.

  • Don't put them in a cage and put that on a wardrobe and make you know.

  • I mean, it's okay if they're just in there, not a cat, though.

  • That's too dangerous.

  • Why doesn't superglue stick to the bottle?

  • It comes in probably science.

  • Is it okay if I turned my mustache with normal scissors instead of mustache scissors?

  • I mean, I think this goes back to the special toilet paper like you know, the answer if you have mustache scissors.

  • But otherwise yeah, I mean, I turned all my body hair with my office scissors and the other people that use those office scissors do not know that.

  • And I don't feel that bad Scissors.

  • The scissors.

  • That's what my dad always said.

Hey, I'm Andy Haynes, and I'm here on the Late Late Show, and I'm reading questions from Reddit that you were too afraid to ask.

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Andy Haynes Answers Questions From r/TooAfraidToAsk

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/19
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