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  • first, we want to get to the other aspect of this that you where you might need to protect yourself.

  • All this news can understandably have a lot of us feeling on edge.

  • So what's the best way to manage this stress and keep yourself from being victim to anxiety and other similar conditions?

  • Let's go over to clinical psychologist Jen.

  • You Dr Yip use treat people all the time.

  • How do you keep people updated on what they need to know medically, like Dr Ashton is telling us, but keep them from getting too involved with the anxiety and stress that hearing about this virus can bring?

  • Well, first of all, I think it's really important to understand that right now it is natural for all of us to be a little bit anxious and a little bit concerned.

  • This is your fire flight response at work, and it's useful to be a little bit more concerned.

  • This is keeping people thio, um, keep their hands clean by following the CDC instructions, washing it 20 seconds with water and soap doing social distancing.

  • So these are all behaviors that are to protect us from getting sick, and these are important things to engage in.

  • Now the question is, how far are you taking it?

  • Sometimes for people with illness, anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder, even generalized anxiety, they can take those behaviors to an extreme, and that's when it becomes a problem.

  • So if you're washing your hands so much in hot, steamy water with lots and lots of so that your hands were now dry and cracked, that's a problem.

  • If you're avoiding things that you usually d'oh, such as going thio the gym or taking a walk on your neighborhood, that's a problem.

  • So the question is, how much excessively are you taking the instructions?

  • And are there any techniques to kind of manage the anxiety that can come with the fears that an outbreak spreads?

  • Well, you know the purpose off the fire flight response is to protect us to keep us safe.

  • And the problem with what's going on with the corn, the virus is that it's a lot of uncertainty.

  • So anxiety builds on uncertainty, which is what drives our fear.

  • So what a lot of people are doing are trying to do things to protect themselves again to an excessive degree.

  • So some things that you might want to take into consideration is, if you're looking at the news, just look at it once a day.

  • You don't need to be spending hours and hours watching the news or even Googling information from sources that may not be credible.

  • One of my associates just told me about a, um, a gossip that occurred which the information was completely erroneous.

  • So make sure the information you're getting is from a reputable source and limit your search for that information and follow all of the follow all of the instructions from the CDC, such as using social distancing, washing your hands more importantly, keeping your immune healthy.

  • So doing the things that would normally keep you healthy, such as eating healthy, getting a lot of sleep, drinking plenty of fluids.

  • Those were some of the things.

  • Those are some of the things that you can actually do to keep yourself healthy.

  • You know, some people are staying away from the gym because they're afraid of the gym and getting the virus.

  • But exercise can have actually help with your mental health, right?

  • Absolutely.

  • Now you know you don't have to do exercise at the gym I certainly don't always go to the gym for exercise.

  • You can always take a walk around your neighborhood.

  • You can always get on your bicycle and cycle around your neighborhood, so those are some of the other things you can go hiking.

  • Those were some of the things that you can do that's not inside a gym.

  • I work out.

  • Is that what you're telling me?

  • All right, Factory if we appreciate you being on thank you Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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first, we want to get to the other aspect of this that you where you might need to protect yourself.

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