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guns draw the breath, rip, meditation, smartphone, APS or even organic dance.
Okay, mindfulness comes in all shapes and sizes, counting the breath on the exhale from one.
It's the psychological process of feeling present in your own body by paying attention to the moments, your thoughts, feelings and the environment around you.
It's argued that stress, anxiety and depression can be managed half of work absences last year in the UK with due to stress for mental health, companies are starting to take well being seriously.
It's no longer unusual for businesses to offer mindfulness meditation classes designed to reduce workers stress while increasing productivity.
Steve Jobs at Apple You know, he introduced proper programs, you know.
Then you've got Google doing it and these air creative, innovative companies.
Now you've got people like, you know, Goldman Sachs doing it hate, you know, HBO, Procter and Gamble.
When you invest in your staff in this way, you get more out of them.
They're obviously less stressed, but also they become more innovative in there, thinking more creative, more productive.
Claire, also a qualified Gong meditation master, she compares mindfulness meditation where you concentrate on breathing the driving on a slow country road gong meditation is more like hurtling down a motorway.
The destination is the same, but you get there much more quickly.
So I take up in invitation to visit her home studio for a long bath moments when it wasn't really thinking about anything.
It's almost like you're in a coma kind of state.
I understand what you're saying that because I definitely felt like I lost touch with time.
Fio Danza Organic dance can also apparently lied to a state of mindfulness.
You become mindful of not just yourself but your relationship to others, your relationship to the cosmos on beyond that for some people, that first opening circles got is the hardest bit to kind of be with a group of other people that they don't know and hold their hand and connect great his hand holding as well.
So we're really gonna push you through your company.
You will can expect to be present in your own body.
Your mind will certainly have a holiday for a while because we don't talk during the session.
So I might explain some exercises, dances that were that that I will suggest we do, and then you listen to your own body's reaction to the music.
It's safe to say that my body doesn't react brilliantly.
Use on the head remembering that could be loose.
My movements of particularly stiff when Sue instructs us to form a circle and collectively reached deep into the well of desire.
Dancing with a group of complete strangers is a disarmingly intimate experience.
Sue instructs us to shake hands or embrace as we look deeply into each other's eyes.
I struggle with this, but I'm struck by how welcoming and sincere everyone seems to be.
There's a fleeting moment where I somehow managed to forget about how ridiculous I must look.
Its roots.
Lime Buddhism.
But mindfulness is increasingly popular in the West.
In the US alone, the meditation market is estimated to be worth over a $1,000,000,000 on its forecast to rise to over $2 billion by 2022.
So make sure that you're sitting comfortably, and these days you don't even have to put down your smartphone to do it.
Take a moment to imagine a bright blue sky stretching off into the distance.
It feels pretty good, right?
Gent me closed the eyes.
Headspace is one of several wellbeing naps on the market.
It says that it offers guided meditation to 54 million users across 100 and 90 countries.
Managing anxiety, letting go of stress, putting down all phones.
So there's a meditation about putting down your phone, which is available on your phone.
Okay, so maybe they were just a few pounds mindfulness delivered Vira Mobile device that provides a constant source of distraction sounds like a contradiction, but Headspace argues otherwise.
We actually recently published a study showing that using head space for a short period of time just two weeks, 10 minutes a day could can reduce compulsive Internet use.
Actually, using your phone to meditate can reduce more problematic use of technology that could cause distress.
Nobody wine While testing the app, I find the biggest challenge is finding the time to use it.
This is something the Apple reinforces by sending push notifications to remind you when it's feeling neglected.
Distressingly, as I increase, the duration of the meditations by minds increasingly drifts to all the other things that I could be getting on with.
The way that we live our lives is overstimulating.
There always has been stressed, but it's teams do.
We can't escape it as easily.
Now I'm in our minds, just don't have the opportunity to arrest feeling overwhelmed, burnout, losing your temper, flustered.
And I think it's that, say, I would feel most of those things on any given day.
It's increasingly an acute crisis that needs innovative solutions.
Some critics argue that mindfulness has been commodified oversold and the people with mental health struggles of being exploited for commercial gain.
In his book MK Mindfulness, Ronald Person contends that mindfulness has become a new capitalist spirituality.
The research has been showing that there are adverse effects such as fear and anxiety and panic.
Nobody's asking why there's so much stress.
For example, in corporate cultures, when you're told to sit in a corner and watch your breath instead of collaborating and organizing with your co workers, too, Maybe ask some difficult questions that by about what's going on in the workplace.
So uh, yeah, I take issue with the pacification off function of corporate mindfulness, for sure.
After spending a couple of weeks trying out different programs, it's clear to me that what works for one person won't necessarily work for another and it isn't a simple just closing your eyes and trying it on breathing technique.
It might not happen straightaway, and finding the time to fit into a busy schedule isn't easy.
It turns out that mindfulness could be hard work.
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Why mindfulness is big business | FT

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 19, 2020
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