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money not have been so bad.
Oh, my united friends, their own Look at someone who just wants to play it forward.
Pass your center bringing forward I'm gonna pick a combined man City Man United 11 The only rules are there gonna be a current player for man city or man United Injured players are included I imagine those players that you naturally disagree with first up goalkeeper David their hair for the 1st 1 please.
And he's not been the best year passed.
Cut sies three.
Nothing's being unionized.
That's how well you play about.
Unfortunately, this season not done too well.
So toss up.
But I think with current form you need after go for Edison Edison on current form boys, we're not We're not gonna disagree with that.
Edison is in.
You start right back, let you decide that one they were going and for Tuck it take our walk a little bit, but I think one has got better as well.
Award Gorka.
Probably from the sucker.
I can't tell you what.
We'll move on to the left back.
If we talk about current form every time Brandon Williams plays, he's like the best player on the pitch, and I think he's made your playback.
Yes, really.
Equipment from Williams's I.
That's my way we could do to defend inside as well.
Zinchenko has been injured.
Mendy's really played well recently.
Mendez play well recently, to be fair, since the social media things.
Yeah, but I think sure being in better form.
The Mendi.
So I think it has to be out of shore.
I would probably start in before we're sure.
Luke short left access to both center hearts now.
Points, which is through the to soothe reports the other one?
No, no disagreement.
I would say maguey off the port.
McGuire is the combination back line.
Sure in the end.
Maguire report.
Right backs quite balanced a minute.
Sacha Carl Walker.
Need a decision.
You're sticking with Carl Walker.
You're sticking with Sacha.
Since we've got to convict, you have the right to free to Yes, correct Edison.
It's not sit nicely balanced.
The minute we got four midfielders, Cody's going 442 So if we start with the central positions Fernandina, haven't we gotten on a striker?
That's what you're saying.
You put in Bruno ahead of them.
I'm gonna be honest.
I loved every sober.
I think this is a top top player.
He's already played this season.
I mean, I'm still having him.
I'm not calling you points for games.
I know that my wife and that's just not good at meeting a man tonight by your feet Because money not be so bad.
It's like it's like one of them things about, you know, people are all united friends, their own.
Look at someone who just wants to play a forward pass.
You celebrating a forward pass.
So the formation has changed just to clarify 433 We're flexible memory.
So you on the wings.
We've got Raheem.
I'm know about Marcus Lester.
You've got Fernandina KDB.
It's Robert Bruno.
All silver.
If I'm picking anyone, that's that complaint.
If I'm going now and I'm going Bruno, about Pope, you know?
So you like the idea of a pauper alongside Fernandina and David Silver that you can go with that?
I could go with a probable Fernandina and came in.
That would work.
Yeah, that could really work.
So pumped for Nandhini.
Okay, TV's The Three You've got three Attacking Sterling.
Rough it on Aguero Street Message.
So let's confirm the team.
Remember, that isn't in gold.
Luke Shore Left back back to of Harry Maguire.
Reports on Then we're in the end way.
Went with war Cut right back.
Just just give us walk Just just gave Walker midfield three.
Kevin O'Brien Fernandina Pull pumper You're happy with the front three?
You agree Quite quickly.
Rashford, Sterling and Aguero was captured in that same boys.
Not good for growing public.
All for Aguero or Maguire Gravel for me.
Just that didn't that didn't keep doing it.
Holy Yeah, Please bring me a couple goals.
Struck his Union Square.
Are you happy with?
I'm not happy with the number of fun and being here, but the lads up So finally, Manager Pep Guardiola Ali Gonna social!
Did you go?
Don't only that The wheel What?
Pat's been there quite a bit now.
And this this stuff is achieved with a club.
You have to go with it.
Okay, We'll go right out of Final Boys.
Big Game managed to dive on the weekend.
You'll planet money meant to Darby's How'd you see it go in quick school production from your Julian to onesie.
11121 United and they to one.
Oh, I hope it's Thio.
I hope it's to know you'll be messing with it.
What way Have a win.
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Manchester derby combined XI! | Lescott, Richards, Brown and Andy Cole CLASH!

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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