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  • megan kelly debuted her new

  • Fox show that Kelly file yesterday and she brought on

  • the caster the five the show the five and boy

  • did it get awkward but sweet how we got here I answer I

  • a good Eve the five enough about that is the day okay so let's find a up

  • has anybody has any other many hookups at all the show anybody but I don't like

  • to talk about it

  • I years ago right and I was very good let's put it this way: Ricky Chastain it

  • is like it I i

  • that's all I could say give up her contractual lovely lovely

  • when I try to pick up by the way the first day I

  • for me does anybody not get along

  • I we get it's like a family got here

  • I steering column thats I

  • everybody fights with bob but he could have likes it here to get a

  • psychological condition and SM forward of

  • the end it really is the best chemistry it started out that way it hasn't

  • changed

  • you know I'm an outcall saddam's with us in but you know that at LaGrange carry

  • on where the day

  • yeah we don't really care for the week yes there's a nice

  • there's an issue there's something we have it we have a new verb it's called

  • being

  • Bakalar getting back old it up you know that means no

  • said tell sup Bob something in the break and the commercial break

  • the first thing out of matter what the topic is I

  • tells the story it's ok I'm back Obama right now got my while

  • on the Miley Cyrus saying Bob said sex over forty

  • gets better and he has a lot of it of here's how many people wanted to hear

  • about bob beckel sex life

  • 0 and that's not true

  • I'm calling bullshit yet bob beckel has a lot of sex

  • and notice how she said all bob tells a section for your great

  • and he has a lot on it yeah I can just see bob beckel sitting there like

  • I shows a map is a mass Oct or a blast night

  • I 23-year-old J line of marks

  • arabs I am norplant arafat

  • this president bush watch the factor the factor factor the 55

  • the file I factor but I see tell

  • 5 gas yeah and I'm trying to get only one swatch

  • the five who does a 41-41 they did yes

  • that's our code for presidency reactivity an Oscar my god only

  • and everybody sure it was successful but thank you

  • as the credit card bring letting you have to do it is

  • it's for your own lol that's exactly right I

  • so your child when under the guy was talking to me about like okay find that

  • like I have a baby and that guy was putting every girl in and you know

  • you're completely like a beach well sitting there and and he's like

  • I am a huge box than you think unique

  • a bottom enormous like of you know

  • the women on Fox News have a reputation as being gorgeous

  • they purposely pic attractive women and they always said they make them wear

  • dresses there was a leaked memo about that recently not they can never wear

  • you know jeans or pants or anything like that and they purposely set them in

  • positions where you can see their legs right

  • a I have a feeling that people in the control room and

  • management at Fox people call the shots were like what a trainwreck a segment

  • they were talking about what's your name ten taro's

  • her colon %ah skimpy nobody wants to hear about your colonoscopy

  • a bitch or the pervy nudes in mississippi you watch Fox is is he the

  • women

  • that instant erection killer all gold or do they mention go ask you please why

  • they do that actually no I with the weirdos they watch box

  • probably made them harder oh yeah colonoscopy

  • so hot all

megan kelly debuted her new

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Megyn Kelly's Show Gets Extremely Awkward

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    nckuba posted on 2014/01/26
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