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Have you fucked every pizza so far?
Just fuck the last two pizzas.
Hey, what's going on?
Everybody For first we feast.
I'm Sean Evans coming at you from Roberta's in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where I'm joined by J.
Kevin Steven.
Eric, You know them is Broken Lizard, the legendary comedy troupe and good news for comedy fans.
Super Troopers, too, is in theaters now, and that's why we're here at Roberta's, one of the most celebrated pizzerias in New York City.
To give a stoner classic meal the tribute that it deserves.
We're gonna be cycling in some of the best frozen pizzas the world has to offer to see which one is king.
And first things first.
Simple question.
Delivery versus DiGiorno do each have their place in the pizza world?
I have always been delivery.
When I was a boy around 11 I started getting onto a frozen pizza routine, and I basically ate frozen pizza for about four weeks in a row.
Lunch, dinner, lunch, dinner, frozen pizza.
Present your kind of sword.
I love frozen.
I did like the Stouffer's French bread pizza.
That's the one that was a great one.
That pizza's fucking delicious.
Here I have to ask you guys, how often do you get asked?
Thio guzzle maple syrup every day.
A lot of maple syrup is a bad thing to guzzle.
You know, I drank two and 1/2 bottles.
He drank three.
We went into, like, a real major sugar coma.
After that, we laid in the dark and just shook.
Tried to throw it up.
It wouldn't come up too thick.
And then afterwards, you know, things came out of you that you don't remember putting in like a fossilized robin fetus.
That was a whole leaf has a strange one.
That was weird.
Well, I can sit and talk to you guys about script lines and edit notes all day long, but I'm hungry.
I know that you guys are too big screening yesterday, So let's work off that hangover with the first pie.
All right.
First up, we have Helios.
The company was founded in 1963 in Great Neck.
Long Island.
It's made with 100% real cheese and no artificial flavors.
Air additives.
But Ellie was dead long dead.
What do you think, Ellie himself?
Ellie was gone.
No, this is not a glamour pizza.
You know this elementary school that had pizza for lunch?
This is the pizza that you would have.
Wrigley Field serves a pizza that tastes this good.
I really brought me back to my childhood that Leo's two things that Helios takes very seriously.
They make a very big deal about the real cheese thing, which makes me a little suspicious aboutthe world of frozen pizza that becomes such a distinguishing polisher.
And then, of course, the rectangular shape.
Do you have any opinions on the triangle vs rectangle?
Is the real cheese making a big difference for you guys?
If I was gonna choose my shape, I would go triangle.
That first triangle bite is his Keith.
I also like a fold.
I'm a fold and so you can't fold the square.
I prefer the square because it tends to have a crispier crust.
You know, this is very much win a tournament in Little League pizza.
I like the rectangular shape.
Overall, it's a thumbs up for me.
I'll go thumbs up.
It's the nostalgia of the shape.
Yeah, this brings back some nice memories.
I you know, I prefer a little cheesier a little sauce here.
You know, I'm not gonna fuck this pizza, but, you know, it doesn't delete it.
It does the job.
All right.
Up next.
It's an institution.
The tombstone original.
All this brand was founded in 1962 in Medford, Wisconsin.
Tombstone is a five cheese pizza that uses mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, Asiago and Romano also has a zesty sauce to it.
When I think tombs and I think of Kurt Russell.
Yeah, me too.
Emily J.
This is a five cheese blend.
How does it stack up against the one cheese pizza that we had lower?
It has different like levels and flavors.
And I gotta tell you, if I were gonna set out to make a pizza, I might stop it.
Four cheeses.
But then these guys said, Now we'll call.
One more were going five years.
Yeah, I think I would fuck this pizza.
All right.
Next up, we have DiGiorno four cheese variety, and the company has been making pizzas in the US since 1995 and is, of course, best known for its slogan.
It's not delivery.
It's digiorno cards.
A little fat for my taste, but it looks like it's gonna be a little bready.
Good tasting on the crust.
The bread is tasting, but this is more like it's like a Sicilian size pizza.
You know, like you would cut into the Sicilian Squares.
Yeah, but if I'm gonna have extra anything, I want extra cheese.
Uh, I don't want extra bread.
I'm more of a thinner crust.
Pizza proves that you really need to stop for Jesus.
I think that cheese made that last pizza a little crazy.
Now that I taste this and meet at the risk of saying I like everything that's in my mouth at the current moment, I like this pizza.
Next up, we have the frozen margarita pizza from right here.
Roberto's the pieces air cooked in a wood fired oven and then blast chilled before being packaged.
You can buy them at Whole Foods here in New York or online at fresh direct.
And it looks on an eyeball level different from everything.
We've had any one of us today.
Small Aiken.
Um, judging looks trendy.
To me.
It looks like a trendy got like a leopard skin thing going on.
I'll still take a healthy piece of this big one.
I think the big guy's see that's delicious.
The thing about that you need, like, a 1,000,000 slices of this pizza.
Does it taste better than you thought It was not a leaf of it.
Generals leaves.
You can taste the leaf beige.
Really very beige.
Really like leaves.
I feel like if I'm coming home after Super Troopers too.
And I'm still a little residual high or whatever.
This is not the piece of them, but I don't.
Now, if you're high, maybe you don't want to hit a Michelin starred restaurant.
Like maybe you just want to hit the drive through it.
And it's a good fake cheese, right?
Although I enjoy that.
No, that's the thing.
It's good ass pizza.
I'm not gonna fuck that.
I'm not gonna look.
I would like to see you fucked up.
It actually looks like you did fuck it already and just flattened out.
You know, I'm a fan of labor, has delicious flavor flavor like a basil flavor.
And I mean, it's not isn't moods.
Give me some moves.
A little punch in the face.
Thumbs up, Thumbs down.
Where are we on this two Thumbs up.
Whoa, shut a thumbs down.
Much of the good people were Burgess thumbs up, but I'm going frozen pizza.
I'm going something different.
Don't report.
3/4 3 quarters up, 3/4 up.
Would you fuck this pizza?
I would take it on the date and see what?
All right, fellas.
We've had frozen pizza all day long, but the real test is to see if it stacks up to the real deal.
We have a fresh margarita.
Pizza from right here at Roberto's is delicious, not even quote.
Is it a relief to eat something like this?
After eating all those frozen pizzas, I would not only fuck this pizza, I would let this pizza fuck may owe you.
Eat this.
You get me wrong.
It's good.
And I fuck it too.
That's delicious.
Fresh pizza.
They haven't.
You can't beat it.
Especially Roberto walked in here and deliver this personally.
I looked Roberto in the eyes.
I wanted to love his pizza.
The frozen pizzas.
They're not going to compare.
Yeah, but let's crown a king when it comes to the frozen pizzas.
What was everyone's favorite?
Which one was for cheese?
The four cheese was digiorno.
That's the one for me.
Okay, I'm going frozen Pizza.
I'm probably going to Jordan knows I'm not going with these guys.
I like that fifth cheese.
I like to tombstone the best.
As I said, I like bread.
So I'm gonna go to your house.
Is gonna nod, Did your nose to me?
It's just It's the spot.
It's nostalgic.
It's everything that I wanted a frozen pizza.
But nothing really compares to sitting down at the restaurant and eating it here.
So my overall crown going to Roberta's Super Troopers to make sure that you see the movie.
First we feast.
You already know.
And if you're looking for that pizza that's not out of the freezer, that's fresh.
That's delicious that you can have with a date and not feel like a loser.
Bushwick, Brooklyn.
That's the place to be till next time.
Good fold, man.
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Ranking the Best Frozen Pizzas with the Super Troopers Cast | Sean in the Wild

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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