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  • Next on the list is a Kimbap triangle. Now, this actually has a big place in our hearts.

  • When we first came to Korea we would always go to GS25 and eat these Kimbap triangles.

  • They're actually really good, but they're really confusing to open. So if you see here

  • there's a little tag right up top. Number 1, pull that all the way down, pull that across,

  • and then as soon as you're done that, pull the corners, open, and there: you got yourself

  • a Kimbap triangle, which is really just rice covered in seaweed. But inside the rice there

  • is something. In our case we have beef, so let's give this a bite. It's delicious. Now,

  • you see that red stuff? We got the beef version. It's just like, little bits of minced meat

  • with spicy sauce. It's actually really good. Um. They're only 700 won each, and even though

  • they're not the most healthy things to eat, they'll fill you up for really cheap. Check

  • em out. Kimbap Triangles.

  • Now I was really excited when I saw this. Here we have a hamburger from a convenience

  • store. It's actually a cheeseburger. If you can see, it has cheese. Now let's see what

  • this tastes like: cold cheeseburger. If you're desperate for a cheeseburger, this is actually

  • going to be good for you. Now, there's a lot more bread than there is meat, but you taste

  • the meat and taste the cheese; it's got some bulgogi sauce on it, and it's not bad for

  • 1200 won. It's not healthy, but it's not terrible.

  • Next on our list of stuff is: eggs! We have this really tiny package of three eggs. Umm.

  • They're brown. They don't have the shells on them. They're hard boiled, but you can

  • get them at the convenience store! So here we're going to try to get some eggs to eat

  • so...ok. Cut that bad boy open. And here's my first egg. Not bad! I thought this was

  • going to be disgusting! But it's a really tiny egg. It's like boiled in soy sauce in

  • taste. And the egg white is really chewy. It almost has a flavor like the Ojingo (the

  • squid). Umm. Not delicious, not terrible, but it's protein! There you go.

  • So I have here the very popular cheese sticks. This one here is just cheese, this one is

  • oksusu, so corn. Not really sure how I can have corn flavored cheese but we will soon

  • find out. Alright. Umm. I don't think this is cheese. MMM! Simon: come here! It almost

  • tastes like it's some kind of pressed meat, like pressed fish or pressed meat, and then

  • it has little chunks of cheese in it, but it doesn't taste like cheese at all. So I'm

  • not sure what this is. Umm. Maybe if somebody who lives here and knows what it's made of

  • can get a hold of us that'd be great and we'll post it on the site. Next up is the corn flavored

  • one. Mmmm. This is totally fish I think. Mmm? I like this one better! It has a strong corn

  • taste but, this is TOTALLY NOT A CHEESE STICK! WHAT ARE YOU?!?!

  • Try the corn one. I don't want to try it. Ducky, just try it. I'm not gonna try it.


  • I didn't agree to try it. IT'S NOT FAIR! TRY IT! It's gonna be disgusting! EAT IT WITH

  • ME! OH MY GOD! SHARE MY PAIN! Ohh my God it's so sick! Mmm! It's actually quite good! No,

  • it's gross. Oh! (Gagging sounds)

Next on the list is a Kimbap triangle. Now, this actually has a big place in our hearts.

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