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- Hey guys, this is Austin,
and welcome to the ultimate Xbox One X.
Now this has been a very highly requested video.
So much so, in fact, that we got an
anonymous letter from Hong Kong giving us
some suggestions to include for the video.
So with some of those in mind, let's get to building.
Nick Cage approves.
So everyone's probably familiar with the
wonderful look of the Xbox One X.
A.K.A. it's just a black box.
Which is where this comes in.
This is going to be a skin which is going to
make our Xbox One X look a lot like an original Xbox.
Would some say it looks like an Xbox One?
So, in the picture they've got like the front of it,
it's got like the Xbox logo and stuff.
But, this is just a top skin.
Clearly wouldn't happen if this was dbrand.
- [Voice Over] Shots fired! Shots fired!
- It's actually pretty much lined up,
I'm slightly off center.
So you put it side by side with the original Xbox
it actually doesn't look so bad.
I mean, I know I wasn't 100% precise
but I think it's close enough that I'll buy that.
Next up, because we know just how useful cooling fans
and extra attachments are for consoles,
we have not only an intelligent cooling fan,
but we also have a cooling dock with extra USB ports.
So we've got three small cooling fans,
it's gonna plug in via USB, and to be fair
it does give us a USB pass through,
so I guess it just snaps on something like this.
I mean it actually does kind of blend in
whether this is going to make any difference at all
I am incredibly doubtful of but luckily
we have a whole other cooling dock
to keep it even cooler for our,
whatever it is we're doing on an Xbox
which is gonna make it overheat.
Connecting actually is pretty easy.
Then we just do that.
Wait a minute...
So I see that there's a fan,
but where is it pulling air from?
There's no place for it to pull on the bottom,
on the front, on the sides, why are there three fans
if they have no intake or exhaust?
What this does give us is three more USB ports up front.
One of the things we're going to have to keep in mind
with this video though is that we have a lot
of things that are going to be requiring USB,
so making sure that we have full USB 3.0
on as many ports as possible
is going to be a challenge.
Because a mere one terabyte of storage
is not going to be anywhere near enough,
the next step is yet another add-on hub thing.
This is going to give us the ability
to not only plug in a full 3.5 inch hard drive,
we are also going to be getting even more USB ports.
Oh joy.
That's pretty cool, so it's actually got a
Scorpio on the front, which would make sense
because this is a Scorpio version of the console,
that now has a skin covering all that up.
So, people still know we're cool?
So the idea here, it it's anything like
some of the previous hubs we've used,
is that we'll be able to, not only plug in that
three and a half inch drive, so this is going to give us
three more USB 3.0 ports on front.
Now with a three and half inch drive bay
we can go completely crazy and put basically
any kind of desktop hard drive in here,
but as opposed to doing a standard hard drive,
instead we have a two terabyte Seagate Firecuda.
So this is going to be an SSHD which means that
in addition to having two terabytes of capacity,
(plastic crinkling)
in addition to having two terabytes of capacity
there's also a little bit of flash storage on here
which depending on the game might not actually make
a huge difference to load time,
but at the very least it should be
a little bit quicker than the standard hard drive.
One nice touch is that you have
everything you need to do this.
As long as you have a 3.5 inch hard drive,
I do actually think that this will work with a
two and a half inch as well, but if you have a screwdriver
you have everything you need to put it on the sled.
And with that I think we can, well, just put it in here.
So this entire thing is going to operate
using the front USB 3.0 port on the Xbox.
So as long as we're able to line that up
we're going to cover up the power button
but it has a little push button, actually it's clear too,
so you can see when it's on and off.
It's gonna be a little tight, I guess it will work though.
The only issue that I actually don't really like with this
is that opposed to having it's own separate power cable
which I will admit is a little bit annoying,
instead it's actually going to
go on top of the current power cable.
Considering how much power the Xbox One X
pulls through just figure eight cable
seems a little sketchy, also our fan
doesn't let this go in all the way.
This is falling apart very quickly
but I guess that works, right?
While three terabytes might be enough for a normal Xbox One X,
this, my friends, is the ultimate Xbox One X
which is where this comes in.
The Seagate Game Drive with an
additional eight terabytes of capacity.
Unlike the rest of our accessories
this is really straight forward.
So instead of attaching it directly to the Xbox
this just needs a USB cable.
But it does give us an additional two
USB 3.0 ports on the front of the Xbox.
To think, I was worried about not
having enough ports, like, five minutes ago.
So with just an external power brick and a single USB cable,
we're now up to 11 terabytes of capacity?
Which is where this comes in: the Samsung T5 SSD.
This is actually something we use
on a daily basis here at the office.
So, all of our videos are edited off of these T5s,
one of the nice things is they
come in really large capacities.
This one is gonna be a full two terabytes of
quick SSD storage, all running off of a single USB cable.
Almost said USB-C cable, but we gotta use USB-A for this one.
I mean do you need 13 terabytes on you Xbox One X?
Probably not.
Do you need to build the ultimate Xbox One X?
Probably not.
Are we done building the Xbox One X?
Absolutely not.
As far as controllers go, we have a couple
of Xbox One Design Lab controllers.
These are really cool because you have
a lot of customization options for how the controllers look,
and importantly they're still going to be the same size,
which is important because we have a dual charging station.
I mean, it doesn't really look pretty with our
Design Lab controllers but now we have
two controllers down and two more to go.
If you really want the ultimate controller
for the Xbox One X though, you want the Duke.
So this is modeled almost identically
after the original Xbox controller,
and while it's a little bit controversial,
some might say it's, well, you'll see, you'll see.
Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
This is licensed by Microsoft
even though it's made by Hyperkin.
Wow that looks almost identical to the original.
For context, this is what a standard Xbox One
controller looks like and this is the Duke.
It's massive.
I think you're definitely going to
be better gaming on a standard Xbox controller,
but the coolness of this is just,
there's just no way to get around it.
Now unfortunately this is going to be a wired controller,
but thankfully it's going to be a really long cable
and it is detachable with microUSB.
As if all these controller options weren't enough
we also have the Keymander.
This is actually something I did a video on,
like two or three years ago.
But the idea here is that this is going
to be an adapter that will turn a mouse and keyboard
into what the xBox thinks is a standard controller.
So inside this little box, well it gets a little bit
complicated but hopefully it won't be that bad.
So around front we have a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad,
I think you actually have to have all three plugged in
because it pretends to be the gamepad
but it's actually passing through
the mouse and the keyboard signal.
Then around back we have another series of USB ports
for power, PC, game, as well as data,
which looks like a eighth inch jack.
Oh man, this is, this is a lot.
(clock ticking)(ding)
Welcome, my friends, to the completed ultimate Xbox One X.
And yes, all of these cables and accessories
are completely necessary.
So, to start with we're gonna be showing you
what the Keymander will do.
We are going to be spoofing it with
the actual Xbox One controllers.
You need to make sure this is still plugged in.
With that, your mouse, your keyboard, everything
attached via USB, we should be able to play a game.
(mouse clicks)
Hey it works!
I mean it's really, really slow.
Maybe we should turn up the mouse sensitivity a little.
Dude, this actually doesn't feel
that different than playing on a PC.
I mean, there might be a touch of latency
if I try and move really quickly, but it's not bad.
Now there's definitely an argument to be said
that this is going to give you an unfair advantage,
but, I mean, if you want to be more comfortable
playing with your mouse and keyboard
versus an Xbox controller, and you don't mind
dealing with some finickiness, it is not the easiest
thing to set up, and you do need kinda keep it
tuned per game to make sure it has the correct profiles,
but you can download those pretty easily.
Why do you have weapons?
Okay, well this is unfortunate,
this is very unfortunate.
Wait a minute...
I'll just use my, no, no.
Wait, I got, that count's as a kill right?
I blew up on them.
I'm gonna count that as a kill.
Dave will be very proud.
The Duke on the other hand,
well it's definitely a much larger controller.
Personally, I do think that the standard Xbox One
controller is better, but I mean
better is kind of relative, right?
The Duke is a unique option.
It also doesn't feel that bad, so some of the buttons are a
little bit weirdly laid out compared to the newer
controllers, especially stuff like the left and right
bumpers which feel kind of tacked on, but it works.
Of course we're not here just to play Fortnite.
We have 13 terabytes of hard drives to install
a whole bunch of other games if we want to as well.
So right now if you go into the options we have
the internal hard drive, we also have another 7.2 terabytes
from that eight terabyte drive over there,
we have the 1.8 terabytes of our T5,
and then we have our two terabyte Firecuda which is in here.
They'll actually show up and once you
give them a quick format, I mean, it kinda works.
Unlike a lot of the builds in the ultimate series that we do
this actually all works, all the accessories are
plugged in, attached, skinned, powered, USB-ed,
whatever you want to call it, it's all actually working.
Now does it make sense?
No of course not.
Am I going to put links to every single one of these
accessories that we used in the description?
Of course I am.
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Building The Ultimate Xbox One X

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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