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  • "Sensible" and "sensitive" are often confused, but they are quite different.

  • "Sensible" means that you have good judgement or are very practical.

  • Sometimes the most sensible thing is to ignore what people say and look at the facts.

  • "Sensitive" is related to feelings.

  • If you're sensitive, it can mean that you think about how other people feel.

  • Be sensitive to people's feelings, and they might agree with you.

  • It can also mean that your feelings are very easily upset.

  • Don't be too sensitive about your idea being rejected.

  • So being sensitive is all about feelings and kindness.

  • Being sensible is about being practical and wise.

  • Do you think it's sensible to be sensitive to other people?

  • Are some people too sensitive to make sensible decisions?

  • Tell us what you think.

"Sensible" and "sensitive" are often confused, but they are quite different.

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What's the difference between 'sensible' and 'sensitive'? - English In A Minute

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    luna.chou posted on 2020/03/18
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