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It's been a while since we kind of checked...
What you guys are doing... Did you practice?
How many hours did you practice today?
What piece did you practice?
If you're not a musician...
Did you practice?
Alright, today we're going to be watching...
More cartoons!
But this time, it's more special, it's very specifically...
We're going to be watching The Simpsons.
And how they have portrayed
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Alright, let's go!
As a young prodigy, this popular musician
wowed audiences across 18th century Europe.
And now...
The star of our show...
My son...
He makes Bach turn back.
Haydn go into hidin'...
Well, those are the only ones there have been so far.
They made the musical puns.
"He makes Bach turn back"
and Haydn's be hidin.
That's so good.
Simpsons did their research.
For those of you who don't know,
Homer right now is playing the part of Leopold Mozart.
- Yeah. - Wolfgang Amadeus' father.
Leopold was known...
To have toured Mozart and his sister around
when they were kids to make
money off them, essentially.
And he was showing them off, like look at my son.
Hello, Vienna!
Are there any aficionados in the house?
Sonata in A, K331, Third Movement!
I can't hear you!
- K331... - Third Movement.
- Aw, it's so specific, I love it. - Yeah, they got it though.
- Yeah. - This K33...
- No one knows about the whole K... - Yeah.
Numbering sequence.
Anyway, for those of you that don't know, that's how...
Classical musicians number...
Canonically, their works through out their lifetime,
opus numbers.
Or in Mozart's case, K numbers.
Sonata in A, K331.
Third Movement!
Now it's just becoming Simpsons.
Yeah, it's just Simpsons now.
There's nothing to do with Mozart.
- He was bashing violins. - Yeah, oh...
There is this...
Kind of image that Mozart was very mischievous.
Yeah, and very out there.
You know, he gambled a lot.
- Yeah. - Towards his later years.
Just a crazy artist.
Crazy artist...
Child, whatever you call it.
And I love how the...
The throwing the...
- The underwears... - Yeah, whatever that is.
I mean, I know they did that during Liszt's time.
I don't - I don't know if they did that during Mozart's time.
- Maybe. - Yeah.
Definitely not our time.
Ooo. Show your ankle.
Blasphemy, sacrilege.
And then comes Tik Tok.
Papa, let me be the headliner.
I always show up on time
and I close the piano lid ever so softly.
Oh, little Salieri...
Okay, so that's not quite accurate.
Salieri's not Leopold's...
Son or daughter in this case.
But Salieri is known to be the figure of like...
Mozart's rival.
But not really a rival in the sense, more like...
Mozart overshadowed Salieri and Salieri's very...
Kind of jealous.
Yeah. Salieri lived in Mozart's shadows.
And unfortunately he was just outcasted.
No one practices as hard as you.
But it's your brother who keeps us in
lead-based face powder.
Ooo - Woah!
Oh yeah.
Apparently, that's why Beethoven became deaf.
Exposure to lead.
Because they didn't know
lead was bad for you back then.
There you go, guys, research.
Ew, a plague rat.
Plague rat! Oh, wow.
Simpsons really went there.
Don't you have music to write?
I'm doing it right now.
I call this my "Symphony in Gee, My Sister Sucks."
So that's also true.
He procrastinates and composes at the last minute.
- Yeah, he's - - What's that symphony he wrote, in like -
The overture.
- Overture... - To...
Don Giovanni?
Yeah, Don Giovanni, I think so.
He wrote the overture on the morning of the premiere.
And it's one of the most famous overtures ever.
So funny.
Actually, it's very interesting if you find...
Manuscripts of Mozart
and manuscripts of Beethoven is completely different.
Mozart's almost just written out one go.
It's already perfect.
It just flows.
Whereas Beethoven's manuscripts...
There's tears, there's crossing outs, there's...
- It's like, he works... - Beethoven...
Struggles with so many drafts to get what he wanted.
And actually...
I remember a teacher once told me
that should also be reflected in how you play it.
Mozart should sound effortless.
- Yes. - And elegant.
- Whereas Beethoven... - Ahh, Beethoven should be...
- It has that kind of struggle. - Struggle. Yeah.
For outstanding composer age 10 and under...
The winner is...
Please let me win.
Nice, nice.
- It's like the Grammy awards but for like - Yeah.
- back then or something. - Yeah, and Mozart won the Oscars.
- Yeah! - Yeah.
Uh, I can't stand it.
Thank you, thank you.
I wanna see you all next week at my concert in Krakow!
Crokow? Krakow?
Wine here! Get your wine!
Claret, Port, Riesling!
Emperors drink free.
I'm an emperor.
That the idea is Salieri tried to sabotage Mozart.
There's even rumors that Salieri poisoned Mozart.
But it's not confirmed.
He was just one...
- Salty... Yeah. - Salty... Yeah.
One salty person.
Beans, oh, beans, delicious in your mouth!
But watch out when beans come out down south.
Tooting, some call it pooting, it's air-polluting.
The gas comes shooting right from your
butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, butt -
They even got the butt obsession with Mozart.
Leck mich im Arsch!
Leck mich im Arsch!
- Ooh!!! - Mozart was obsessed...
With butts and he had a very obscene sense of humor.
Oh, Simpsons did their research.
- They know. - It's very subtle.
I mean obviously...
Da da da da la la la ~ That's not the...
- Opera, but it's... - But they depicted well.
Yeah, the style is kind of -
The humor is just...
You wouldn't have thought, cartoon back then,
before you guys were born.
Ooh! This makes me want to fop till I drop.
Mmm, oh, mmm.
Yes, ooo.
Mmm. Is that how you listen to Mozart?
- It's like mmm, oh, mmm. - Mmm, oh, yes.
- Dude... - Fop till I drop...
I mean... Fair enough.
The Emperor finds it boring.
Oh, then so do we.
Everyone's just doing what the emperor does.
It's literally toilet paper.
Oh, yeah.
For those of you that don't know in Australia right now...
Everyone's buying toilet paper cause everyone's panicking.
It's like, toilet paper's gonna save you guys!
People bored with opera? That's impossible.
That's impossible!
- Ha ha! Yeah. - I feel like that was a jab.
People bored with opera?
That's impossi - *Laugh*
Dude, the Simpsons really had the jokes on point.
To fail your dear brother.
Oh yeah, Mozart became an alcoholic.
- He was an alcoholic. - He was an alcoholic!
Oh, dude, this is so good.
And they also said that he died at the end of his career,
like he wasn't rich.
- Cause he had like alcoholism and gambling - He gambled.
and all these other issues.
Guys, do not do those things.
Oh Mozart, I know you are gravely ill.
So I brought you the very finest doctor in all of Austria.
Guten Tag, everybody.
Guten Tag, Dr. Nick.
I can tell from here you have too much blood.
Let's get you covered in leeches.
Oh yeah, that was what they did back then.
They did leeching.
Aren't you glad for modern medicine?
- Wow... - Imagine...
Our ancestors went through this.
- No way. - And survived this, so we could be here today.
Our ancestors got leeched.
Got leeched to survive.
Moment of silence for our ancestors.
And also moment of silence for Mozart who
created such great music for us to enjoy today.
Oh, what's this? This video is not ten minutes yet.
Oh right, so we should...
Oh, what was that? Oh, comparison!
- Yes. Let's see. Amadeus. - Amadeus. That's right
I haven't actually seen the full movie.
I keep meaning to,
I haven't had time, cause I'm practicing.
Everyone's seen this scene.
- It's Mozart versus Salieri. - Versus Salieri.
Who's that meant to be?
- Don't know. - Handel or something?
- I don't know. - Bach or Handel? Yeah.
Keep it Majesty if you want, it's already here in my head.
From one hearing only?
I think so, sire.
Salieri composed that right? For the emperor.
But he was obviously jealous.
And then Mozart came along.
- Yeah. - Show them up.
Show us.
Can I just say I love Mozart's purple, lavender coat.
What a...
The rest is just the same, isn't it?
- Wow, he is just burning Salieri. - "The rest is just the same, isn't it?"
The prince or the duke or whatever, the royal guy...
- He's like... Ooo... - He's like... Ooo, look at this guy.
Salieri's just like... Urgh...
Oh man, of course, you would. Far out.
Prodigies, that's how you make us feel.
You make us feel like Salieri.
Except we won't poison people.
Yeah. It's okay.
Don't poison people.
That doesn't really work, does it?
Did you try...
Shouldn't it be a bit more...
Or this.
Better? What do you think?
He's like alright...
Yeah, hmm, uh...
He's just getting destroyed.
That's such a...
- That laugh... - That was the story of Mozart.
- Yeah. - So cheeky.
"Hahaha, you can't do it!"
And Salieri is just like fuming.
I will just say Mozart was also known for his...
Improvisation. He could just...
- Just play. - Play.
- Geniuses are born not created. - Not created.
I'm not wearing this shirt, damn it.
Well, yeah, that definitely was not sacrilegious.
- So yeah... - We're wearing the wrong...
- We're wearing the wrong... - Apparel.
Apparel, guys.
On that note...
No, we plugged the apparel enough times.
Please do not go to twosetapparel.com.
Reverse psychology.
Please do not support us. We do not appreciate support.
And please don't subscribe.
See you guys next time.
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How the Simpsons Portrayed the Most Famous Musical Prodigy in History

38 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on March 17, 2020
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