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For the longest time E three has been one of the biggest events in gaming that people look forward to its where companies going to reveal some of their biggest new news will actually get snippets of gameplay.
And if there are new systems coming out, it's likely the place we're gonna actually see them for the first time and get some really hard and vote on them.
But as years have gone by, numerous things have just been adding up more, more.
That kind of make people question whether or not we really need it anymore.
And even if we did, is it kind of just dying off?
Anyways, I've held off on making this video concept for a little while because every time the right kind of news comes up, there's always ideas and he is coming out of Oh, E three is dead.
E three is doing why e three doesn't matter.
And while I don't necessarily completely disagree with that sentiment, I don't know if it's completely accurate.
But there has been some recent news today that I think adds onto this concept a lot Maur and really makes me question whether or not.
I'm gonna go this year.
There's actually two pieces of news that came out this morning, one that actually isn't a real thing.
But the other one is the 1st 1 That's not realism.
There was a list of exhibitors that got leaked her.
Who's gonna be showing up any three.
This list is actually real, but it's incomplete.
And one of the things that people kind of freaked out about when looking at it is that too noticeable cos missing from the list word Nintendo and Microsoft.
I don't normally know how Microsoft is listed, because while they are at E three, they actually host a separate event across the street.
So I don't know if they normally get listed as an official exhibitor aside from having the press conference.
But Nintendo missing is definitely a weird thing people took.
This is a sign of Oh, man.
So when he left now all these other companies were leaving any threes really dying off.
That's not the case.
This list is in fact actually incomplete.
And Doug Bowser for Nintendo has specifically said, Hey, we are attending e 3 2020 and we're looking forward to being there so that's not actually a real thing, A real fear.
What Israel is, an announcement that happened around the same time that Jeff Keely is not gonna be attending E three this year.
If you heard me say that and you don't know who I'm talking about, Jeff Kelly is a personality that's been in the gaming industry for quite some time.
He's been one of the kind of the main forefront people that has done a lot of reporting on gaming and brought it more into the public view.
He hosts and sets up the whole game awards, and that's going on the last few years.
And he has always been kind of a major fixture of the three he's been intending for last 25 years, and he hosts their main kind of Coliseum thing.
Does a lot of the new stuff for it and him not going this year is kind of a weird, bad symbolic thing for E three.
I wouldn't say that my attendants t three hinges on Jeff Kelly being there.
That's not the big decision point.
There's a lot of other stuff.
That, of course, is interesting.
Me actually eating hands on stuff getting the news.
That's what's important.
But the thing about Jeff Kelly not going is that it's just a very big, symbolic moment.
I think for that overall conference and just kind of in a weird way, ties together.
All the things have been adding up over the past years.
You know, the fact that Sony isn't going this year, the fact that Microsoft is there but again has their own event across the street.
The fact that e.
Has their own separate event that yeah, it's happening at the same time, Izzy three and they might do a press conference.
But if you're any three attending, you don't necessarily go TOC event.
It's this whole other separate thing.
We're at the point where, when it comes to the main E three event itself on the show floor, you have Nintendo and a couple major third party companies like Square Enix and Ubi Soft.
Overall, it is a lot smaller than it's ever been in previous years.
And while there are sometimes some really great news that comes out of each individual presentation when you look at the overall sign of just who was actually there and what's happening in the three.
It's been slowly dying off more and more now, while I don't think that's necessarily means that E three is for sure dead and we're never going to see it again or whatever like this could be the last year, something insane like that.
I think that if the three does continue on, it needs to change the form that we currently know it as just honestly doesn't make much sense anymore.
You know, the whole reason for E three existing in the first place is because there was a time when you didn't have the ease of the Internet to spread a lot of information.
You know, you had to find a way to get a bunch of different journalists and writers together all in one room to try all these things back to back.
And each company had a shot at showing why their stuff was cooler than the competitors, and that made sense for a long time.
But as the Internet has gotten Maur and more prevalent, well, companies can can just do that on their own.
Now, look it even a company like Nintendo, where they are gonna be attending the three and they will probably have some good announcements to reveal their.
They don't rely on E three as being the main source of their news anymore, that they have some big things for it.
But nowadays they get a lot more traction out of their own.
Nintendo directs, which currently a lot of people are foaming at the mouth for a new one and trying to figure out when it's gonna happen.
The point is, is that that new cycle variable to create on their own has ended up being a lot more powerful of them than just relying on this one big yearly event.
And in fact, it's even possible that this is what has inspired Soni, who didn't go last year.
They're not going this year and have started their own kind of version of intended Rex, which honestly haven't been as successful quite yet.
But each one has gotten a little bit better, and I think that's what a lot more companies are looking to start doing is making their own news.
They're not relying on anyone else's schedule because not only does it allow them to control the flow of information, but they don't necessarily have to worry about having to line up side by side with other companies and try to one up each other.
They can make news when they see the best opportunity and not have to worry about, say, Microsoft, having an announcement at the exact same time that overshadows it.
And the thing is, the essay, the company that runs the three is clearly aware of this because they've tried reinvention the conference a little bit in their own way, where it's become less of a media only event and instead they're not trying to make it more of a kind of fan fest thing where people can buy tickets and come and check all the stuff out.
And well, I think that has helped in certain perceptions, especially with, you know, people that just want to go and check this thing out, see it as this huge event.
Clearly, it hasn't done anything for the company is actually showing up because again they're leaving it doing their own thing.
All of this stuff, combined with other issues like the fact that last year they accidentally leaked a bunch of the media's personal info just comes together where I think a lot of people aren't interested in attending anymore.
And while there are people that are going to go on, I think they are going to still sell tickets.
I don't know.
It's necessarily going to be the kind of upwards momentum in traction that they really need tohave.
I still don't know if I would confidently say that e three is dead, but I think it's definitely safe to say that it is definitely dying and isn't looking super great.
And as things are right now, a change has toe happen, and honestly, I'm not completely sure what that change needs to be.
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i’m giving up on E3

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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