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another comfort us is a special club.
Uh, he's one of the most historical teams.
As you know, in England, that's, uh, where football is born.
So is a cold tradition itself.
Of course.
Uh, when I was going get and I was following English football when I was 14 15 years old, uh, not come.
Forest was doing exceptionally well along the lines with Liverpool.
Another time and off course.
They're great memories.
And, uh, there is a shortage fun base not only in the UK, but outside UK after all these achievements, both national internationally out of the UK And, uh, I think that it does take you long to decide even if you have a choice which timeto go for when you said or this tradition and all this excitement.
And ofcourse, the potential of this club has to grow and a tive again victories that the whole region deserves.
So this is a financial decision, but also a sporting one is Well, it seems that you've bean a fount of the club for some time.
Yes, uh, you know, I have bean businessman for quite some time successfully, and, uh, it's not money that matters.
I mean, it's tradition is what you like a 10 day and what you can afford to do And the choice off Not to him.
I was based in the cafeteria.
What I remember from the past and alter the potential of this club has the potential is that with the right people in place with a solid team that will work hard over the years with, uh, uh analyzed the program with everybody in the right place, I think that will make it work.
I mean, where usedto difficult to deal with difficult situations.
But we're winners.
And I think that I have a very good feeling that I'm not, uh will do well in the years to come.
And we're prepared to work art in the ticket.
I'm not gonna promise your things or I'm not.
Andi wanted Toa make this clear.
I'm up there.
It's guy that I came from abroad to spend my money and to gain glory by acquiring a team in the UK I got glories.
You know, from my time should not be a course who have won everything.
You have broken every record both within our country and in Europe, in the champions league and in European competitions.
You know, for our 11 what I want to do is not to promise a lot of things to work hard, talk as less as possible and work up lots of things.
I want to come on to the level of ambition in your vision, for the club in a little while.
But one of the things I want to talk it hasn't been much fun to be in Nottingham Forest fan in recent years.
Under Mr Hasawi, it's been a very difficult time.
That club seems to have lurched from crisis to crisis.
Are you promising here?
And I understand that this is about 100% deal.
Ansari is now being bought out, completely covered.
Are you promising not to bring back stability to nothing enforced?
What I'm promising is that will work out when you got a card and you are well recognized.
You have stability.
Stability comes.
And what I can tell you is I'm not gonna promise promotions, championships, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
But I can tell you is that we like to work hard.
We know what we're doing who have been winners in order life as far as football is concerned as far as business concern, as far as when I was involved vulture with the municipality in five years, a couple and it's something that we're used to it, but it doesn't come for free.
You have worker, you need to have faith and we need to take advantage off our connections.
In football.
We know a lot off players, managers, clubs, officials in very part off the world, in the national football.
That or this agents can help us to put all our connections together and try to do our very best for not him.
You would like to be in the Premier League, though I'm sure for sure is there a target is There are a number of years.
I know you said You're not promise anything, but it is the game, the other five year, three year plan, a five year plan to get to the Premier League.
We have a long term plan and within this long term plan off course we want to bring, not homework belongs And of course not him belongs in the Premier League and not come belongs Toa there lit off the public to time European cook winning club.
No less European glory in the chance return.
I mean, fans are defines that bean there is, you know, you grew up with them.
We're used to European knights and challenging at the other end of the first division, a zit waas.
Is that what they condone?
Could hope for once more.
I think that we should take it step by step.
First, the world let me forget that a lot of things in the football have changed.
Many things have changed since that years ago that five years ago and off course has become much more difficult to achieve these victories.
But of course, miracles happen as we have seen it in the past, and we continue to say today.
But let's take it step by step.
Let's first of all, organize the club.
Let's organize the club properly, let our farms see that we're approaching it in the serious way.
We're working hard on it, and then the results will can.
First of all, let's, uh, let's see what where not to come is right now.
What I can tell you is that we'll try our very best to do better next year.
How better we'll see it on the way.
As I said, I never give promises I deliver.
I think that it is better to deliver them, give promises and were cut.
So let's take it step by step.
And I think that will be a matter of type when all be happy and especially our funds.
But we're talking about this than Mark Warburton and, frankly, talent.
They both a confident that they will stay in the jobs they are your men to take the club forward.
Yeah, of course.
Mark has done a very good job the last games on Dhe.
I think that all the fans were there to support this effort for not come to stay in the division off course.
Uh, this took until the very last minute off the last month, and everybody was excited and happy at the end off.
So Mark has our full support, and what we told him in the past is that we guarantee for him that he will be with us for a number of years, give him a contract in order to perpetuate take this difficult job of the tide.
And I think that he delivered in what we wanted to do is to save the club on stay in the division, and so far now he delivered the first quarter.
So now we'll support him together with Kristen Toe Goto the second step and have us A, said a well organized lab that will bring better results for next vision.
It's a difficult league championship.
Is he gonna have some money to spend to try and get Forest out of that championship?
Yes, he will have some a man to spend, but off course, as he has said it already.
And of course I can confirm that to us well is that we have values, regulations, that we need a tow for low off course, how much we can spend off and also what has happened in the club in the past has been penalized.
And of course, you have to follow this very strict rules on how we spend in how much you can spend.
But I think that whatever will be able to do legally and within the regulations will do it to help Mark do what we want.
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Evangelos Marinakis interview Part 1 after the takeover of Nottingham Forest FC

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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