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Thank you.
One day a week back was good way back on TV, OK?
You big upset a boy cold.
I could say right now you officially it, like work with all levels off artists.
Can you be doing, You know, some of you did.
You don't know I really, truly love this.
Not so.
The rules are juice world.
I can't wait to see what.
Like Colt Bennett doesn't know they both creative.
They always like basic pushing the boundaries when it comes to life visuals and things like that.
So I think about five minutes.
So first I may be your last.
Make sure you kill murder.
That's describe.
Check out that piece We got animated live action sells movies and more.
Man lingers like that.
It makes you like this video rocking with Eminem.
A juice world.
Miss you at that evidence playlist.
Notification about ringing.
So every time you have a video, you nobody first.
And make sure you get this video.
No, that's a switch.
95 reacted.
Somebody believes in TV shows like one twist.
Make sure you get it.
Godzilla Future Jules world.
All right.
Just like juice World stat.
This video is such a typical evidence video.
He always brings, like a very interesting sense of humor with the mission and those gods.
Eliza fucking rules, baby.
God, that's crazy.
Like powering villains.
No blood will be on you.
Wait, wait.
This video is crazy.
Cold bag Foster.
So I thought a lot of basketball better videos race spit on a road like this The best versus complemented by amazing chorus to the first heart broken actually fastest.
You're not a department store because hey, Jesus, it's taken care of.
Thank you.
Oh, God damn!
You know, I I e way I think you wrap this soul fast of the lips King find catching You know a Dr Dre.
This video is really go.
Betty has Dr Dre.
What a day, huh?
Accomplished something significant Aimed to accomplish something like that again tomorrow.
I hope I'm ready to get through it.
Nobody does it like has done videos of juice world so I can see why you have to put that there.
I make make sure you guys live by those words that natural swirls that man.
And honestly, this video was overall maze of broken that video was why it was such a old it had such old eminent music video t even get Dr Drake things right.
And Doctor, you said that you saw that.
Hi, my name is we saw that I think the real soon shady was it doctor Doctor drank When you have a music videos, he's coming, you know, brings it is always it's always a cold, better child using video with Dr I know, I know.
Bullshit like men.
Yo, honestly, bro, I feel like cold.
Initially wanted code a snickers out when it comes to directed videos, man.
Like he said, he still got the Jack Harold video Was pop video going crazy right now.
Like this is a crazy father Wilbraham like bro.
You're right.
I have the same essence off classic Eminem.
But just had, like, new is Boucher, bro, I felt a little like Easter eggs and a guy like you re watching old shadow.
Will you put that right there?
So you might taste?
He said my is that like she had a cartoon like taste of this series and he was playing himself, and he would just think it s so make sure you guys run up the comments, run up the lights on his video ministry appeal.
Shared Amanda's.
There's all the streams, Everything.
Yeah, Artie, Juice world.
So that boy Evan in there is it for something?
Definitely be a less.
Make sure you kill murder is Nah, I describe Patrick got Seaman Ship is Fire Man Colt Bennett.
It is popular right now.
So everybody rock right now.
You know what's gonna happen?
Letter D c.
Five minutes to BCC Underscore what?
Artie, yell Eminem.
The shot was fired.
Coal burning man.
I know you brought his idea of life.
You brought the idea while I know is that when you came to this video, he wasn't playing fucking games.
Yeah, you know, it's a man.
Admit maniac Wilkinson, this party monster.
I'm number one day, but I told you about that.
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Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by _ColeBennett_) Reaction/Review

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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