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hi everyone welcome back to english with
Lucy I've got a short little video for
you today it's been highly requested
it's all about british slang
so today I'm going to talk to you about
five slang words and phrases that we use
here in England the first slang word is
the tube and any of you that have
visited London will know this quite well
the tube for us is the underground but
we would never call it a metro or the
underground we normally call it the tune
and that's because it's in the shape of
a tube so if you visit London make sure
you ask for the nearest tube station now
people will understand you if you say
metro station or underground station but
if you want to sound like a native the
ok the next word is local so if I say
I'm just popping down to my local what
would I be saying what do I mean well I
mean I'm popping down just quickly
visiting my local pub now a big part of
British culture is going to the pub so
it's very fitting that we have a slang
word for it
the local and this is s slang word that I use
quite a lot I'd say oh yes we just met
in my local and everyone knows i'm
referring to my local pub the next word
is thrash and this is a verb to thrash
now what would I be saying if I said I
absolutely thrashed him
well we would be saying I beat him not
in a physical sense it means in a game
it means I won over someone so say I was
playing cards with my dad and i won by a
long way i would say yeah I absolutely
thrashed him the next british slang word
is iffy
so if i say ooh no that sounds a bit
what would I be saying iffy refers to
something incorrect or not quite right
so if my mom says to me Lucy I've just
received an email and a really rich
Prince wants to give me 200 million
pounds i would say ooh mum that sounds
I don't think that's quite right and
the final word skint skint so if i said i
bought all this new camera equipment and now
i'm totally skint
what would I be saying it means i have
no money or i think americans would say
broke in this case but for us we would say
skint if someone invites me out but I
can't go because I've not enough money i
just say nah I'm skint
ok those were my five british slang
words and phrases i hope you enjoyed
comment below if you know any more I'm
always interested to hear the weird and
wonderful slang phrases that you hear on
your travels
some of them i don't even use myself so
it's very entertaining to read those and
if you like the British accent and you
want to improve your British English
pronunciation why not join in my free
live pronunciation lesson it's every
sunday at four thirty London gmt time on
my english with Lucy facebook page lots
of you join in every week and it's
really good fun and I like seeing the
same names coming back every week so if
you want to become a regular join in now
don't forget to connect with me on all
of my social media and i will see you
for another lesson very very soon mwah!
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BRITISH SLANG | 5 Colloquial British English Words

48 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on March 17, 2020
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