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  • Ooof!

  • What the...?

  • What is this place?

  • What's your name, honey?

  • Uhhh, I'm Joe!

  • I teach middle school band.

  • Connie, go for it!

  • Today started out as the best day of my life.

  • Back here tonight, first show's at seven.

  • Yes! Woohoo!

  • You know what that's gonna say?

  • Joe Gardner!

  • Hahahaha!

  • I did it! I got the gig!

  • Must have been sudden for ya.

  • Wah! Oh my goodness!

  • Oh my goodness!

  • Help! I'm not done!

  • Oh! Oh my goodness!

  • Huh?

  • Is this Heaven?

  • No.

  • It's the Great Before.

  • This is where new souls get their personalities, quirks, and interests before they go to Earth.

  • Meet 22.

  • I don't wanna go to Earth!

  • Stop fighting this!

  • I don't wanna!

  • Uhhh?

  • Hahaha!

  • Okay, look, I already know everything about Earth, and I don't want anything to do with it.

  • You're missing out on the joys of life... like... uh.... pizza!

  • I can't smell!

  • We can't...

  • We can't taste either?

  • All that stuff is in your body.

  • No smell! No taste!

  • Or touch.

  • See?

  • Okay, I get it!

  • Wow!

  • It's my life.

  • Is all this living really worth dying for?

  • You're still alive?

  • Can you help me get back?

  • No way!

  • There I am!

  • What are we waiting for?

  • No, no! Wait! Not me!

  • Hmm, that's weird.

  • What is it?

  • 151,000 souls go into the Great Beyond every day, and I count every single one of them.

  • The count's off.

  • Huh...


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