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Stay very, very still for me, my friends.
Please. So important.
Thank you very much.
This has been such an honor for me, taking your photograph.
Thank you so much.
For all his talk of shooting, he cannot shoot.
Not everyone gets to be what they want to be all the time.
Me, I am an actor.
I love acting.
I didn't want to be a soldier.
But I'm the wrong color.
Everyone is fighting their own battles, Diana.
Just as you are fighting yours.
It's too much. I wish you well.
Thank you, thank you.
I'm on the... on the phone--
Uh, it's "Veld." V-E-L-D.
It's a tiny village.
It may not even be on the map.
Ooh! I found it! I found it!
Did you find Ludendorff's operation?
No, no, no. But I located him.
And, oh, lucky you, he's only a few miles away, at German High Command.
German High Command, huh?
So, intel reports that Ludendorff is hosting a gala.
A sort of "last hurrah" before the Germans sign the armistice.
And the Kaiser himself is going to be there.
As well as Dr. Maru.
Actually, the gala could be perfect cover.
-Captain Trevor. -Yes, sir.
You are, under no circumstances to go anywhere near that gala tomorrow night, do you hear me?
You'd be jeopardizing everything we've worked for.
You cannot compromise the armistice.
-Sir, there will be no armistice once Ludendorff bombs the entire front line. -Steve!
Hold on one second, sir.
You shouldn't be bothered about upsetting the peace accord.
-Why not? -Ares would never let...
What is it?
Of course. It makes complete sense.
Ares developed a weapon, the worst ever devised.
-Ares? You mean Ludendorff. -No.
I mean Ares.
Ludendorff is Ares!
Sir, this is our last chance, our final chance to find out where the gas is and to learn how Ludendorff plans on delivering it.
No, no, no. l forbid it.
Do you hear me? I forbid it.
Sir, I'm losing you! Sir?
-Hello? -Sir...
How likely is he to respect my wishes?
Not very likely, I'll be honest.
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That same photo from BvS | Wonder Woman [+Subtitles]

67 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on March 17, 2020
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