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shady, Shady, Let's go ahead and step into the O, you know, subscribes.
God is another day, another dollar.
It's time for another freaking reaction because that is what we do.
You look at me and I look at you.
You look at me.
Look at you.
That's what we do know before we go ahead and react to this imminent video and you do me a favor like buttons.
But, Bill.
But you great!
A ringing and ringing and ringing that mean obviously time.
Literally everything Time A drop in the video that describes what we have a school We're trying to get 50 case out.
50 case up so I could drop my album.
You have failed me.
Please continue to follow me on my social media at the real ascribe To follow back to direct.
Continue to donate to the channel Catch Have demo at the real scribe Paper out the real scribe passage email dot com Now we react to the song.
But the video was here and you know I can't miss out on things.
I have a feeling this is gonna be trending.
Oh, so let's tap into it.
Him and him.
Godzilla featured in juice or juice World RP juice Whoa!
Let's go!
Directed by cold it can swallow alcohol.
It'll feel like Godzilla hit the deck like the car My whole squadron here walking around the party A cross between a zombie apocalypse just came in him.
He gave him the way.
You know, it's cool causes that but, you know, saying with that older man now and he still looked good for his age.
But I'm a reactor, so I thought I'd just see Call it as I see he's still one of the best drivers of all the time.
But I'm just saying I don't notice you look a little chub.
You're really the little vigorous little hickory Stessel.
But bringing in which is the same reason with Vegas a decent jump considering to cross me up, crossing, mistaking they sleep I love women in movies video This why you reacted even if you heard this song that seeing in the video is a whole different body.
Like what?
Like what?
What are those?
But I get a hot rocks came a life in.
It's like a play date with vacate Creature Came a day.
This is crazy Ray J J J J J met all the way to the bank Sprinklings They cannot tame a placate the hard way when the moon shines like ice road Trucker I loathe Wait for this video way Balls Just appalled it so many times that Mr Monk, it's impossible Mr.
Vault, this time in a mental hospital with a crystal ball.
To see what it's like this to me But it pushed the old version of himself over.
I wanna be like this tomorrow, but don't put his back against the wall Pencil drawn This is just a song to go ballistic on You just pulled a pistol on the guy with Tell a bitch You walk like 1/5 of vodka When you twisted the way normal during the day But an I d o when the moon shines like ice road Trucker, I loathe Harding into Godzilla.
That was going on you gave him cause I'm about the trip.
Vacation plans one point, Like my neck Fucking finger finger, prostate exam.
I have all these perspire like a liar handsome on fire.
And I got no plans to retire and I'm still a man.
You wouldn't.
My chicks assassin I only get a handsome and fly.
I got him passing out like what you do when you hand someone Flyers.
What goes around comes around just like the blades on the chains off down the stack, right off the bed like a baseball.
Hey, so while bro.
But I love the fact that he's well in the fact that he's working on a young director super duper cool right off the bed like a baseball kidding, just like Jesus did he cause I make bands are not called getting cheese.
The Saudis the blue does.
This will be like, Oh, I got because I make bands are not called getting cheese a kickball player motherfucker stingy for share won't even let you in here and even pretending to care.
But on the pitch of Mary of Should Bury Your Face in my genital area, the original Richard Ramirez Christopher back Smothers never sit well, so they want to give me the chance like a pair of police chicken.
It's Carrie calling.
Harry Carey is very Tom and Dick and Harry Carey and marry a motherfucking dictionary on.
I'm swearing up and down that could fit this shit's hilarious.
It's time to put these bitches get Actuary column.
We wouldn't see eye staring Problem with Catholics.
Keep backing people.
Half of the bad needs people.
That means take a back seat to get back to Phat beats with Mexico.
Single book of my rap sheet with attacks these people.
That's not gangster bitch like Apache with a catchy jingle last night Keeps you better Gotta have you Oh, what the fuck my You know Ha ha ha ha!
Like tight.
You know, like this is radio still random?
But it's so entertaining, Like my title just readily Mike Tyson.
All right.
What is liking but to say, Mike Mm?
That you I mean please, I'm sorry.
Filled with venom and eliminating other words of enemy.
No matter when I come back in a minute.
Veneration murder to get the money will available with bodies like obliterating everything is innovative.
Way You're okay.
Nobody's obliterating, everything is innovative and I get a minute.
Make anybody want with different.
Everybody wanted anyone to get into it like a man of the elements of kill or be killed.
The killer bee, the vanilla gorilla You bring in the killer with me Adam, You wanna be the enemy of the demon within me and receiving enemy wants to put it again to be every bit of me when I'm in the vicinity.
Motherfucker, you better don't you listen to me, you bitch.
You wanna battle?
I'm available in an inflatable undebatable them unavoidable, innovative building on the top of the agenda for the month again.
I'm beautiful.
I'm not afraid of man stuff.
Look what I'm planning.
I hope everybody having a good day.
Oh, look, I hope everybody accomplished something significant, even even even if you didn't accomplish anything significant, don't be discouraged.
Just aimed to accomplish something significant tomorrow and the next day.
So, um, if anybody's going to anything, I hope and I pray that you get through it and just know that you do have the strength to get through, whatever the fuck you going through, no matter what it is highly entertaining music video, though.
Like, highly, definitely thoroughly entertained by that.
I really enjoyed that in video.
Uh, you don't know?
My reacted to the lyrics were already reacted earlier, so I was just reacted this video of this all by guys crazy.
And don't they work called like young directors.
Don't love this Love is all right, Maureen Minimum.
Let me know if we have a reaction to something that will in which we'll call it the the album.
Yet let me know if you like, but somebody bell.
But check out the immediate reaction play they said we already have.
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HE'S BACK!!! Eminem- Godzilla ft Juice WRLD Video REaction

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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