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  • So, what’s up, guys?

  • Good to see everybody again, good to be back!

  • I have numerous Taiwanese friends who working 10-12 hours each day,

  • but only being paid for 7 or 8 hours each day.

  • But that seems to be normal in Taiwan; everybody I know just says that’s the way it is.

  • There are a few reasons for why this exists,

  • And one of the ones that I believe is contributing to this problem is the corporations, the companies,

  • also the social mechanisms of Taiwanese society.

  • Social mechanism could be best explained as behaviours and things that we think are normal

  • that we have been conditioned to believe and act out accordingly to what our society says.

  • Taiwanese people believe that they should work hard.

  • If they work hard, they would be rewarded even if they are not paid for those hours.

  • When they work them, they believe that they will be able to advance in the company eventually and make more money.

  • That kinda belief would be a social mechanism, it would be conditioning of the mind and of the work force

  • that has taken generations to create.

  • Maybe some more bravery.

  • I think there is a lot of fear that controls Taiwanese people in their daily lives.

  • The social conditioning that makes them not want to stand out, that creates a kind of fear

  • that makes it easier for Taiwanese people to just say, “Well, working 10 hours, 12 hours each day is what everybody does, so I do it too.

  • Being from America, we have a lot of different labor laws; They prevent us from working more than what we are paid for.

  • Even as a worker in America, you are not even allowed to work for free.

  • And so, one of my Taiwanese friends was raised in America and they are now here working in Taiwan, and I ask them

  • how they work and they said they refused to work the hours that all the other Taiwanese in their company did.

  • And so, not everybody is, you know, working the long hours, and my friend is still okay.

  • Actually, I’m gonna call him right now. I’ll show you what’s up.

  • Yow, hello?

  • Hey, hey, what’s up man?

  • How have you been? How are you doing?

  • Man, I got fired!

  • You lost your job?!

  • Well, there you have it!

So, what’s up, guys?

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Taiwan's Unreasonable Working Condition

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