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  • Hey, everyone, I'm takina from logical harmony.

  • Welcome back.

  • Today's video is pretty highly requested, and it is talking about cruelty, free and vegan hand sanitizers and home sanitizing options.

  • Now, with everything that is currently going on, Obviously, the most important thing is to wash your hands often and wash them well.

  • But a lot of people are also buying hand sanitizers.

  • They want things for around their home, just things to make them feel a little more comfortable in their home, about cleaning and things that make them feel a little more secure when they're out and about something they can put in their purse and just use as a quick measure.

  • A lot of the most popular ones are not cruelty free, and so many of you have asked for cruelty free options.

  • So that is what I'm going to be sharing today.

  • All the brands were talking about today.

  • May can sanitizers.

  • They do also make hand soaps, and the CDC is saying that the most important thing is to wash your hands often and wash them well.

  • So if you are in need of a good cruelty free vegan hand soap, this is also going to help you, but I wanted to just cover the sanitizing options, because that's what I've gotten an overwhelming number of questions about.

  • So there are quite a few handful of brands that make hand sanitizer sprays, gels and even hand sanitizing wipes.

  • Mrs.

  • Meyers, they make a hand sanitizing spray.

  • It's really easy to find.

  • You can get that, like your local drug store.

  • Ah, lot of grocery stores carry about 1/7 generation.

  • They make hand sanitizer sprays.

  • They also make products for your home so they make a more natural alternative to like lice.

  • Also, with the sanitizing spray you could use on your door knobs, you could use it on anything that you have that you want to spray down.

  • They make sanitizing wipes, and they do also make some other disinfecting sanitizing cleaners in addition to hand sanitizers.

  • So I think that is really helpful because a lot of you have asked me, What could I be using in my home instead of Lysol to help combat You know, the cold and flu season, and not as a good alternative.

  • I will link to their website down below, where they have information on what is in these and how it might help.

  • Always.

  • Just make sure you do your research and figure out what's gonna work best for you.

  • Now the brand everyone is probably the most easily accessible and the most affordable.

  • Everything they make is cruelty free and vegan, and they make an sanitizing sprays.

  • They also make a gel, and they make hand sanitizing wipes.

  • And those can be really great to carry in your bag toe wipe down surfaces that you need to touch as you're out and about.

  • Like the CDC is saying, Make sure you wash your hands, but in a quick pinch.

  • These can really help you E o, which is everyone sister company.

  • They also make a hand sanitizing spray.

  • You can pick that up a whole foods.

  • It's super easy to find.

  • Dr.

  • Bronner's makes a hand sanitizing spray, and they're all purpose.

  • Soaps are really great because you can kind of use them for everything in your home, and it's a really cost effective, affordable way to have a giant amount of soap in your house, and the last one they want to talk about is growth, because Grove you can have it shipped to you directly.

  • They make a handsome, any hand sanitizing spray and a hand sanitizing gel.

  • And most of these other ones that I've mentioned you can also get on Grove is while you could also get them on Amazon so they could just be shipped to your door.

  • And you don't necessarily have to deal with your local story if it's kind of crazy or if it's like mine, where they're just sold out of a lot of these things again, I just want to remind you guys like the CDC says, Wash your hands But I know that these products can make some people feel a little more comfortable when they're out and about, or in their home, just with their cleaning.

  • And so I wanted to share them.

  • I hope this was helpful, and I'll see you next time just hanging out with Juniper.

  • If you guys want to see more of us, make sure you watch another video here.

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Hey, everyone, I'm takina from logical harmony.

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