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  • That coffee has got balls!

  • Try try the best coffee in Melbourne right here

  • In Melbourne, people line up for their coffee.

  • I would absolutely rather abstain than drink crap coffee

  • And if I take a sip of a coffee and if I take a sip of a coffee and it's not

  • made right, bin straight away!

  • Luckily, we're totally spoilt for choice here.

  • You know anywhere in Melbourne I can kind of pick the specialty coffee place within

  • a kilometre to get to so.

  • I think this place is cool because it's run

  • by a social entrepreneur. It runs as a normal business and the profit gets sent back to

  • where the alcohol comes from. They have Mexican beers. They have Cuban rums all that sort

  • of stuff. So, yeah, social entrepreneurship. It's business with a cause not business for profit.

  • I would say a vast vast majority of people

  • would drink a milk-based coffee, espresso or latte.

  • Uhm, but there are a lot more people experimenting with and enjoying filtered coffee. Especially

  • with single origins and blends suited for filter. I think it's just testament to Melbournians

  • generally having a curious palette. So espresso generally you're talking about

  • different lengths of the shot and different ways that you can put the milk in. Basically,

  • we're looking at a 30ml shot and you go from there.

  • With filter styles, there's a few different ways to brew filter. You're probably looking

  • at a pour over, aero press, vacuum pot or syphon, and then my favourite kind of filtered

  • coffee is cold drip. And all it does is it requires a slightly different roast in the

  • coffee. So I would say slightly controversially slightly lighter roast.

  • Cold water in the top. Coffee in the middle drips through collected in the bottom here.

  • Ah and eight hours later you've got a gorgeous brew here. You are drinking cold black coffee

  • but if you can reconcile that it's a beautiful flavour.

  • Hi, I'm Monique from Walk Melbourne Tours. We share Melbourne stories while we share

  • food. If you are interested in joining one of my walks, pretty easy to do at

  • Otherwise, pick yourself up a copy of Devouring Melbourne Uncovering a Delicious City. Ah

  • what I've done is put Melbourne's food stories from past and present together as well as

  • there's six guided walks. If you want to take yourself out on a chocolate walk, wine walk,

  • rooftop bars, they're all in there.

That coffee has got balls!

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