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This last year didn't work out so well for 18.
Well, yeah, I'm a fucking kamikaze crescent.
And then everything.
You beat me Islamic Nazi.
That means there is no such thing.
I've been going for your jugular since Craig.
He ducked alert.
Well, GM underwent an open seat in the comforter, stuck up in my rectal.
Just disrespectful.
Less right through your car window crack open your reference tracks, you collaborative effort Rag.
I have never said his raps Overstayed my welcome.
Stepped in crap in ruins.
You're welcome.
Mental state.
That's it from the heart.
You didn't write like you wrote it back to me like a fighter.
Jet liner.
Explosives That'll strike any moment, headed right at opponents.
And I'm the fucking pilot.
The phony!
Come back to smash into everyone.
Everything back!
And I've just begun.
2017 back on, everyone and tack on.
Everyone on, everyone, every 15 minutes already.
Back on.
Everyone back on!
Everyone back on!
Everyone turn red!
Because it made me feel tough.
One that wasn't from the moment I heard breakfast custom.
I identified with the guy I was invented by Dr Frankenstein.
Energize like a nine foot ice cold like state guys twice in a row on a nice world.
But if the only reason I blow this cousin, right, right, don't every other white.
But I sold kamikaze pilot.
I wrote my service.
I don't hear from the guys in trying to stop me for a job behind the controls and trying Brian home because I'm taking you all with me when I go.
I don't think this typhoon is letting up anytime soon.
Here I go, High school's blindfolded.
I'm about fashion, everyone everything back And I've just begun 2017.
Good, everyone and back on everyone and that everyone every 15 minutes already.
Don't let me be back on everyone back on everyone.
Everyone freestyle in, say, 45 that she was embarrassing.
There's way guarantee that weight that shit was so ass is something we wouldn't every year.
It's embarrassing is me raring the terror repair chairman?
It's not as the chair with a nickel in Sailor, Beware me.
Lyrically, I'm terrible, but get your lyrics.
Richard Ramirez.
Serial killing everybody.
Got the area's feeling something evil is lurking.
I'm no conspiracy fears, but something here is a foot.
Oh, yes, my dad get the measuring stick.
12 inches A would think.
But I've been going for your jungle nurses, Frankie, Doctor, learn.
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Eminem - Kamikaze (Lyrics)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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