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  • Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are not seeing eye to eye during their divorce.

  • You know that they are officially single.

  • Can I?

  • This is not just not seeing eye.

  • This is a This is really gotten angry and nasty.

  • It really I mean, I've got some information that this is This is a symptom of what's underlying a lot of stuff.

  • So the symptom that he's referring to is a document that Channing filed requesting that he wants the judge to lay out very specific times a schedule for when they will share when they will be having custody of their daughter, Everly, who has Everly when, for how long?

  • Especially holidays.

  • He's saying, Hey, say says in this they've been unable to agree on on who gets Everly when so they want.

  • He wants the judge to step up and create a schedule that both of them have to follow.

  • So he's there.

  • He's asking for the judge's assistant visitation, but also for face time.

  • Face timing Well, while the other parent has custody, which is something they've got going now.

  • But they're having problems with even that, even that they're having problems, right?

  • Yeah, he's asking for a co parenting counselor, which, you know, Harvey, if you're asking for 1/3 party to come in to mediate, it's because you're having serious conflict.

  • You can't work out these issues yourself, and they're hiring fancy lawyers to go to court and try to resolve this.

  • That that means business.

  • And I know some of what's going on here, and I can't really talk about it right yet, because some of this stuff is off the record.

  • But, you know, it is very nasty on both sides.

  • There is bitterness and a lot of unresolved issues here.

  • And I didn't see this now because when the bed they had, um, by forget, we talked about this last week.

  • They bifurcated their divorce when you buy.

  • Forget, I will say, when you buy for Kate, which means you separated, so you get the divorce decree immediately.

  • So you're both single and then let because rumor she's pregnant.

  • She's I had a boyfriend.

  • I know what you're gonna say that sometimes that's a sign, a sign that it's going.

  • You can't work out the property settlement or the child custody that you agree to do.

  • The by implication least means that seemed like Channing was saying, OK, that's fine.

  • You go on, you're moving on with your life and Jenna saying, Chaining, You move on with your life, Try try it this way.

  • I don't want to be married to you anymore.

  • I just get me the divorce right now and we'll deal with the other crap later.

  • But I don't want to be married to you right now.

  • Stupid means things.

  • That's not not that way.

  • That's the way it is.

  • One of the other tea leaves that we can read here, though, is at the end of the document is asking for this co parenting, you know, counselor, to help mediate these disputes.

  • He also wants to prevent either parent from using social media with the kid and profiting off the kids.

  • So I don't know if that's a hint at some underlying tension between it is, it is, and that is just one element that this goes to money.

  • It goes to custody, it goes to support.

  • It goes to a lot of stuff, but this they're having serious, serious problems, and I will say this that the way it's being put to me is they are two totally different people.

  • So you know, those air all buzz word And they did get divorced and they did get divorced.

  • Ginny.

  • And I just wanted to say I think Tatum with doing the right thing.

  • And you start looking in the best interest of his daughter and just wanting to do the right thing now.

  • I mean, hopefully this, you know what happens is that people get all worked up and they fight, and especially over a kid.

  • And then they realize sometimes the kids suffers because the kid feels the tension and they back off, and hopefully that happens here.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are not seeing eye to eye during their divorce.

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Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan's Nasty Divorce | TMZ Live

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