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  • there once was an alleyway filled with steel girders that lit the sidewalk like furnaces.

  • Each glimmer of shimmer that reflected off the sidewalk allowed the ant colony to see at night they often stayed up in the wee hours of the dark attempting to come.

  • Indira table top or two.

  • This was the constant ebb and flow for some time now.

  • Until one midday.

  • Ah, great big ant eater was trollop ing through the alleyway and tripped over the steel girders.

  • Bang, bang, bang, clank!

  • Wow, What a mess!

  • He taught his kneecaps to hit the pavement real hard.

  • When he came to it was nighttime.

  • As his eyelid opened, he noticed a pack of army ants with helmets on, yelling at his eyeball.

  • You, you, you big lummox!

  • How dare you waltz your big stupid but through our alleyway and disrupt the natural scheme of events?

  • He almost couldn't believe this.

  • What is this little foolish insect thinking?

  • Well, I guess he was telling him exactly what was on his mind.

  • You big dummy!

  • Can't you see what you did?

  • Pick up all those girders and set him right back exactly as you found them.

  • Or else this was too too much.

  • The anteater shook the cobwebs out of his head and tried to explain.

  • Look, it was an accident, man.

  • Look, I'll pick up the girders, okay?

  • Just let me catch my breath.

  • My head hurts from that stumble.

  • We don't care about your head hurting.

  • And if you don't immediately right this wrong, you giant boar, you'll be hurting a whole lot more.

  • The ants threatened.

  • Now they were holding a matches with the intent to strike them.

  • Were they suggesting that they would burn the ant eater too much?

  • Well, the anteater new just just what to do.

  • Especially in a situation like this, where he was so patient being an anteater and all, he sucked up the whole ant colony like a Hoover vacuum and had the best best is dinner.

  • He had the pleasure of having in a very long time that made up for bumping my head on that trash, he exclaimed.

there once was an alleyway filled with steel girders that lit the sidewalk like furnaces.

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