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singers with them without opportune.
It's time once again.
Welcome, Welcome.
My name's Joel from room official.
They're gonna be comparing singers with cheating and without Guy you guy.
I meant with attitude and without attitude.
I use auto tune a lot.
I think it's a great tool, Apparently.
So dust every other singer that's on the charts.
So let's check them out in life scenarios and not life scenarios.
This is a Siri's that I have had running on my channel for quite some time now.
There's many, many, many other videos you can try out if you like.
This one we have with Billy.
I wish we had.
We bring a Europe we have with everyone, basically, but we found more people we gotta comfort.
Let's do that right Freaking now.
Okay, so it's time for Sam Smith.
I think we're all expecting him to do really well.
But you never know.
You never know.
I have never actually seen Santa Smith live, but he is like, known to be a good singer.
Overall, I'm not gonna say it in advance, so I don't know, Maybe will be absolutely terrible.
Maybe this is when the glass wall breaks and we'll all figure out that Sam actually can't sing.
It's all Auto tune Mel Dine Different production techniques Samuel Frederick Smith, born 19th of May 1992 making him 27 years old, is an English singer and songwriter.
He rose to fame in October 2012 when he was featured on Disclosures Breakthrough Single Latch, which peaked at number 11 on the UK singles chart.
His subsequent feature on nodded voice La la La earned him his first number one single in May 2013 and he, of course, had a huge hit.
Stay With Me.
He said that he was bowling for having breasts as a child and had liposuction at age 12.
That's crazy.
He was an alumnus of the Youth Music Theater UK and appeared in their 2007 production of Oh Carol.
It was a musical theater guy.
Here's an interesting things, M.
Smith says.
Some of these pop stars are just awful.
We think he has a point putting the reason down to altitude and lack of creativity such individuality.
Sam has an amazing voice.
He doesn't sound like a lot of other people, but at the same time I don't think that his music necessarily has a lot of creativity, and it sounds kind of like nineties pop.
So I do heavily.
One day I will obey where I waas right there next.
I do happily that one day I will obey robbers right there next.
Yeah, he is amazing.
Practically the same.
I'm not even sure if they tune any of his vocals.
I think they do.
On his hit song itself, They latch Disclosure Song, but that sounded pretty much identical.
He is a really, really talented singer.
If anyone can critique people for not being good singers, it's probably him at the end of the day.
For me, though, it's about the music.
I don't really listen to some Smith.
I think he's music and it makes me a bit tired.
It's been boring.
We'll have our tastes and thinks we like and dislike skin.
Do I begin?
No words can expand the way a missing you touch your skin.
Where do I begin?
No one can explain the way.
I'm missing couple slightly pitchy parts there, but it's so subtle.
Nothing was to talk about it.
I mean, this is a ballot and stuff, too.
I would have liked this comparison.
Invalids are the ones where people will be able to be a lot more perfectly and pitch, you know, zeroing on stuff, and you do not winded Nothing.
He's even singing it if it's slower in the live version than he is on the studio version to cry when you too, when you yeah, you thing down there wasn't perfect.
But again, he's like more on point than pretty much any other singer we've had on this show, where we would call it the hot, attuned words.
It's no attitude videos.
I'd give him a break.
He's incredible CEO.
I can't next to oh next.
Yeah, he's got this weird thing where I think he sings.
It's like, technically, some type of Val said.
Oh, it's also got more meat to it.
Maybe there's some way, he adds some tension.
There's something down here to make it more full.
It sounds really good and I've never heard anyone sound like him.
I would have wanted maybe a little bit of oddity in there.
I mean, no one's perfect.
Some people will argue in the comments that oh, it's gives it more of a real feel and maybe yeah, I guess, depends on what type of song it is.
He's amazing, though.
Very, very nice.
A big applause for Sam Smith.
Okay, so here we have Jafar Jackson Wikipedia article.
Okay, doesn't have a Wikipedia page.
No big deal.
I don't have a Wikipedia page, either.
We haven't on every P d d far.
Jack's born July 25 1996 0 no, These rights that doesn't tell me how old he is always does.
Here, Age 22 is an American singer, songwriter and entertainer who is a pioneer in utilizing Blockchain technology as a way for his fans to be part of his music.
That's crazy.
He's also known as the nephew of late Michael Jackson.
Okay, Hey, what's this change thing?
That's super weird.
Michael Jackson.
His uncle, was a pioneer in breaking and pushing boundaries in the music industry from being the first black artists featured regularly on MTV to using ground breaking technology in his music videos.
Now his nephew, Jafar Jackson, is following in its famous uncle's footsteps to release his album in a form of cold token ization.
It's like buying stock in a company he says.
By buying tokens, you become part of that artist.
If I had a chance to be part of some of the artists that I grew up listening to, I would love to have done that.
Is it like crowdsourcing or just token ization me?
This is so confusing.
I don't know what it is.
It's probably fine.
Don't tell me they come.
It's a token is Asian.
Let's watch an interview with Jafar Jafar Jackson and I'm hanging with Rob on front roll.
Talk to Me about the creative process of Got Me singing career process for Got Me Singing.
It all started with the drums.
First the producer Hardy.
He played the drums for me.
So then I went to the keyboard, started adding different chords to it.
They went into the studio, started laying down melodies alone.
People like described a very basic.
I was in the studio sexually like we're like writing the song like we played some instruments.
I went to the microphone.
Records of Oak is like Yeah, good.
It went back and listened, told unstructured out the song.
That's how it started.
That's crazy.
That's not crazy.
That's how every song is a mate.
Let's listen to with and without attitude.
Let's freaking go, Mo So Mom away, too?
Yeah, so glad you call my phone different key and a bit more shaky.
I feel like he's trying to go in his uncle's footsteps here with, like, the singing style Cool dancing.
Everything is very Michael Jackson, too.
Told my mind value.
Hottest Ready.
He's got that Michael Jackson little bit.
Brad Oh thing.
I wonder if it is a genetic thing, that it sounds kind of similar, or if it just had likely idolized his uncle so much.
Nothing spectacular.
Lyrically, It Bay, Let's fall in the I Get the feeling that is probably not as good of a singer as his uncle.
I know it's not fair to compare anyone's Michael Jackson's vocals because he was an amazing, amazing singer, but when it goes from kind of the same thing, it's so hard not to when it's also his nephew.
But I hope this song frickin ghost somewhere because it's kind of boring so far missing, missing, missing got me feel and got me saying, Yeah, I don't know.
It's always with these two units interviews.
How much was he really trying.
Definitely not the next Michael Jackson so far.
Even if they are related.
It was like Michael Jackson.
But just like the parts, it would be the very most Yawney parts of Michael Jackson song.
What's this whole song?
So I hope you're releasing some other stuff.
I hope this album got some more banging tracks in this one.
It's like soft whatever, but doesn't stand out to me.
Okay, so this video is brought to you by the roomie.
Official separated.
Ready to come.
Such Our session roomie official is not a sponsor.
I just like to feature you guys a little bit in the middle of this.
So let's have a look with you guys have been posting.
Ooh, look at that number.
Congrats, roomie.
Oh, yeah, with five million subscribers amazing.
I want to make something for finally subscribers.
I don't know why yet.
I've just been trying to film in advance because Jonas is going on freaking vacation soon's.
I gotta be ahead with videos, but But as soon as I have time, I'm gonna try to make something for five million.
Thank you guys so much.
A congratulations.
Thank you so much.
Nine year old me when I walk in on my parents kissing, Jonas and Bianca need to get to freak out when I'm making the video.
You guys can get in a cab on another website.
Supposed that type of video?
Okay, roomie enjoying end without auto.
Jim Lowell.
Thanks for this beautiful screenshot.
The evolution of Murphy as beautiful.
Maybe that is my next hairstyle.
I don't know.
I don't know what to do with my hair right now.
It's a basic of the hair style I'm supposed to have.
Right now.
You need longer hair on top.
So I'm just kind of like putting it to the side right now.
I don't really know what to do with it, but eventually I'll figure it out.
Yeah, So these are the two.
The big shows that it's Jack with meantime blow.
I would Felix getting weight of Dave's depression with me and a That's funny, Daddy, I like that serious.
I want to get freedom or Dave's.
The pressure goes, Bam, Dave, come back.
We'll film some stuff.
Too Curious depression.
Now, if that ain't too mean for him, I don't know that higher note from Abram Axis didn't sit right with me at all times to celebrate five mil with some apple juice donors with a gun for for an extra for the apple juice.
It's apple juice.
Guys, I don't know how many more times I need to say.
We only drink apple juice on this channel.
Nothing else.
Nothing to monetize, herbal, ever.
I've never seen whatever that thing is Top.
Is it a bad drink limit on the comments?
Okay, that's it for the red stuff.
Head over to reddit dot Coms are specially official.
Submit your means.
I will see them back to the video.
Okay, so next up, we have Luke.
L I have never heard of Luke held before.
Why is no one on actually Wikipedia?
Hell, born on May 22,002 is a match to any 19 minus 3002 17 years old.
It's a rapper out of this system was bare bones sight unseen, like acquaintances was born in Tennessee.
Oh, my God.
They don't know anything.
Let's look at this one.
This is one of those auto translated websites.
I think earlier he organizes his rep events at ST Louis.
Then the has joined Project X as the leading vocalists.
The musical artist Full birth name is horrendous.
Coleman Wikipedia is so much better than this.
Meanwhile, he comes with this music video wrong in April 2019.
Okay, this such broken English, his comes with it.
It's coming around a corner is look at the video.
Oh, he is thankful to his fans for making attractive because this is the worst Web site of all time.
Additionally, Tyler posts interesting instagram accounts beginning with copy or highlight anything on this website.
Alert content is protected.
Who will want to steal your awful content?
Okay, so this is one of his instagram posts.
Let's watch maybe one of you one way.
It's not a new relationship with you because this is let's do a pretty good can sing.
This is giving me good hope for the comparison.
He seems to really be able to say Anyway, let's have listened to him with and without auto tune.
We know from New York with a book.
You know, she not As she babbles, she claimed that she goes straight from New York with a boogie No good.
That was good.
He can sing when they said the rapper I had my doubts, but yeah, he can sing.
This is not a ballot.
This like that.
It's a lot harder to have every note of them be like, perfectly on the way.
Can you gm a wee d'oh!
She and my diem a couple of hearts tame.
I lie now we can't be your Park Shi on my phone.
That we do is talk pretty good, living more picture there and some of the things.
But overall, he's singing Incredible, very excited.
She found the diary.
She found a mushy and my heart I could die.
I like his pronunciation and everything, too.
I think like this type of pronunciation is really nice to listen to and these things really well.
I don't know what else to say.
I hope there's some high notes or something.
Just I can see exactly what his vocal capabilities can do for him.
But we'll see.
I guess he said my name.
She was like a leg like a scream on his back.
That lyric she said my name.
She went like a lake.
I scream out, Okay, that that's slightly creepy.
I don't think I'm amazed me, baby.
You, my lady B R b.
Please don't think I'm shy.
That was good, man.
I like this song.
Way I know that you don't think I'm crazy.
Well, lately you'll be acting like you hang me.
You thought about 80?
What isn't very promising singer and stuff.
But these lyrics are not good overall, very promising, kid.
I mean, he's like 16 17 years old, right?
Really good.
This song.
Musically, it's really good.
I don't really like the lyrics.
Maybe you disagree?
We've become and telling me how wrong I am about the lyrics, how you throw it back like the eighties is a great line.
Okay, so here we have Miley Cyrus.
Very exciting.
If you guys don't know.
Miley Cyrus used to have a TV show called Hannah Montana, where she played a pop star.
There was also just a regular kid and she, like, would switch weeks and stuff.
I guess most people know about Hannah Montana.
Miley Ray Hemsworth.
Is she married now?
She may Liam Hemsworth.
I didn't know that Congratulations to Liam and Miley, but did not know that she used to be Cyrus.
She was born November 23 1992 making her 26 years old.
Jason, American singer, songwriter and actress.
It became a teen idol in 2006 starring in a Disney Channel television series, Hannah Montana, as the character Miley Stewart.
Her father, musician Billy Ray Cyrus, also starred in The Siri's, which aired for four seasons until 2011 And Billy Ray's You Guys All Know We Saw the Famous nowadays were singing the hook on one of the remixes of Billy, Not Exes.
Old Tongue Rose.
She's famous for a lot of songs, but some of the highlights for me, Elliot wasn't the climb party in the USA.
We can't stop and wrecking ball.
Those were just the most.
Yes, she's definitely know from a musician family.
Her dad was an artist.
Her godmother is Dolly parted.
I'm sure most of you guys know just how massive Milosz Harris's.
Okay, so let's hear Miley Cyrus with and without attitude.
I can almost see that dream.
I'm dreaming.
There's a voice inside my head.
You'll never reach no more.
See that dream?
I dream And but there's a voice inside my head saying you'll knit.
That was awesome.
She's got such good control that the same key and stuff like it's she's just sing in.
This is an addict.
I wish this is definitely a lot of years later, she's got her tattoos and stuff going on, which I think happened during the Bangers era album Bangerz.
I Gotta Get God gave You, but I I gotta keep your eye on I got a game in my head.
I was one note that was slightly off like it could get.
So picking these videos as well, she sings.
Amazingly, it's really good.
Slower melodies are a lot easier to sing, really pinpoint perfectly.
It's a lot harder to sing really on point if there's like a lot up and down a lot of rhythmical things that you've got to do, like higher tempos.
But ballads are like there's a reason why many, many singers, when they start out with, like a singing teacher anything.
You start out with a ballad because it's so much easier in the slow tempo to count like control, your air and all that stuff.
I get it aboutthe hitting about out that stargate there.
It ain't about waiting on the other.
I I want to see Miley Cyrus live.
I've never seen a lie.
Would definitely want to do that.
So good.
Okay, guys, that's it for today's attitude versus no attitude video.
If you watch this for police subscribe, click the notifications and I will see you in the next flipping video.
See you guys later by huge thanks to my top patrons.
Christian Gable said.
Matthew bars IQ cheon Wang Vicky is not Russian Ellie Angle ba tune.
Captain America.
Chelsea Oh, my Luka claims men one Elizabeth Hardly Quinn and Sami Bam E O to your amazing thank you.
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Autotune vs No Autotune (Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith & MORE)

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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