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We all have a good night having a good night.
Let's get crackin the nominations for best song you have it literally, says Chris.
Above, up in Massive listen underlined You know here rules this show The nominations for best song of 2019 with Metro as voted for by listeners of global's radio stations, All you Can Say the winner.
Best song of 2019 with Metro Sean Mendez, Camila, Kobe are Senorita Harry Styles Lights Up, Shirin and Justin Bieber.
I Don't Care Someone You Love Times and I Don't Smoke.
Good Billy, Bad Guy Cargo and Whitney Houston.
Hi, love.
Pig Panic in the discard Hi.
Can you do a lineup that, like a line up, ready for your line with the winner of best song?
2019 with Matt Rule is like with us tonight.
But he did send us this message.
Hi, I'm Harry Styles on.
I just want to say a massive thank you for my Global award for best song.
Thank you so much for all bowing and thank you to everyone who made this album with me.
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Harry Styles Wins 'Best Song Of 2019' At The Global Awards | Capital

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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