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  • I did not realize how spiritual you are.

  • Yeah.

  • How How much of that informs who you are in this world?

  • I mean, I think for so many people have just seen you on social or in movies.

  • And it was I feel like I know you better now.

  • Um, yeah.

  • So when did that spiritual journey start for you?

  • Young?

  • I was very, very young.

  • Um, I didn't grow up religious or really even have, ah, spiritually parent or anything that I just always loved it.

  • And I always sort of felt a connection to something mystical.

  • I would talk about it a lot I would gravitate towards, even at one point was begging my mom to take me to church.

  • She's, like, Why?

  • Like none of us go to church?

  • This is such a strange request.

  • But I just like to the idea of what I think is a connection, and I'm I wouldn't say I'm religious, but I've always just sort of had that, um, inclination.

  • And then, as I write about in the book, when I was in my twenties, I was dancing with Janet on tour and the rennet Jack Jan Jackson.

  • Jack is so another Janet, I just wanted to clarify.

  • Yes, Yeah, yes, I know for the young'uns air.

  • Like who?

  • Like Janet Jackson.

  • Um, so she had a masseuse on tour that was very spiritual and sort of saw that side of me and opened it up.

  • Said Read this book.

  • And maybe like this and it became this like it was like, I just Pandora's box was opened and I was like, remembering a lot of this going, Yes, that's what I've always thought, or that's what I felt And it's always been a huge priority, a major value in my life.

  • And I'm happiest when I'm connected in that way, and I just I call it the flow I like to stay in the flu.

I did not realize how spiritual you are.

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