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  • the governor this morning saying that 108 of all the cases in the state are right here in New Rochelle.

  • I just spoke with the superintendent of schools here in town who tells me that there are no students or staff currently that have been confirmed to have covert 19.

  • However, they are complying with the order to close three of the public schools today until March 25th.

  • They are inside of that containment zone here in town and the National Guard now on its way to help clean those schools and get everything back to normal here a soon as possible.

  • This is literally a matter of life and death.

  • Because of that sobering statement, Governor Andrew Cuomo has called up the National Guard to mobilize the new ratio, the epicenter of the local outbreak.

  • The guard will not have a military or policing function, as I indicated.

  • They will be here to assist with logistics.

  • Specifically delivering food and helping clean New Rochelle at this point is probably the largest cluster in the United States, which is why the state has mandated a one mile containment area around the young Israel synagogue, where many congregants were first infected, we felt that a mile of the radius of a mile from that spot would be effective, an effort to try to decrease the spread.

  • That means a dozen schools, clubs, houses of worship and large gatherings in the zone are being closed inside the radius for two weeks.

  • However, no one is prohibited from entering or leaving the area.

  • Earlier, the governor noted, about 1000 residents in the town of 80,000 were under quarantine overnight.

  • The woman whose husband first contracted covert 19 in town, spoke out on Facebook writing.

  • I hope the family name becomes associate ID Donna as the ones with Corona virus, but the ones who were instrumental in helping get this contained.

  • If this will hold the spread, this is what we have to do.

  • And for any public school students inside the containment zone that has a free lunch as well as breakfast.

the governor this morning saying that 108 of all the cases in the state are right here in New Rochelle.

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