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  • Monica Megan.

  • I'm an interior designer, a blogger and a hardcore d i Y Theo.

  • The Lows Challenge is blogger versus builder grade.

  • I have a budget of only $1000 to work with, and I need to transform.

  • How did this space?

  • That is just fine.

  • But really, who wants a bathroom?

  • That's fine.

  • Everybody wants us amazing space, and I'm challenged to do it for just $1000.

  • So I opened the door to my builder grade bathroom, and the first thing I noticed is yellow.

  • Gotta go.

  • I'm kind of a big fan of peeling stick flooring.

  • I came up with a project that could go over the existing floor.

  • It's very inexpensive.

  • It is very durable, and it's easy to work with.

  • So I wanted to do a combination of planks, tiles and also just regular square tiles.

  • But they weren't gonna stay square.

  • I cut them down into hexagon shapes and created a really neat visual on the floor.

  • So as soon as you walk in one of the first things you see, it's kind of an interesting mosaic that just screams custom bathroom.

  • After I had created this amazing idea and planned for the floor.

  • I needed to move to the vanity and the vanity that they had had a ton of storage in it, so that was something I really needed to keep in mind.

  • I couldn't just do something that looked great but wasn't functional.

  • So we got rid of the existing vanity and started building from scratch, and I wanted him.

  • Give them something that had a lot of substance and maybe a little bit more space.

  • It's a big bathroom, so we built a vanity out of six by six posts.

  • They're really thick and chunky, and they just scream expensive to me.

  • But they're not.

  • Let's talk about the top of this vanity.

  • So for the vanity top, it had to be really cool and stylish, and I just wanted something that would make a major statement.

  • So I used pieces of wood, rip them down and created kind of a wooden mosaic top.

  • I think it might be the coolest man in the top in the world.

  • On the far wall, I decided that I wanted to really focus on adding some texture.

  • So what I did is I took the same vinyl planks that I used on the floor and carried that all the way up the back wall.

  • It really gives it Ah, look of distressed, authentic wood.

  • But to make it even more authentic, I added little copper tax in each plank so that it really does have some texture to it.

  • And it looks like we did a very cool, rustic wall after adding lots of texture to the accent, while I really wanted to bring some life into the room and I knew I wanted to do it for plants.

  • So I decided that I would build a garden wall between the shower and the tub.

  • Final thing that I knew I needed to take care of was very nondescript, hollow core door, and I knew that I could change it with just paint and painters tape.

  • So I marked out a very cool pattern, kind of playing off the geometrics in the vanity onto the door and just used a little bit of pain.

  • And this store is incredible.

  • So at the end of the day, and we have a bathroom that is filled with incredibly unique projects, it's completely loaded with style, and the whole thing did not break the budget, You have to settle for what you were given in your builder grade bathroom.

  • I mean, there's so much you can dio if you get creative and be willing to kind of put your own personality out there.

Monica Megan.

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