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Good morning everyone. We're here for the first meeting for the Pre-Employment Programme.
My name is Zsuzsi Hybel, I'm an employment coordinator covering Essex and Hertfordshire,
working for Action for Blind People.
What I would like to do today, this morning, is just to get to know each other a little
bit more as a group.
My name's Wendy, I'm 25. My eye condition is glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.
My sight condition is, basically, I can't see nothing out of my right eye and I've only
got 20 per cent vision in my left eye.
I was in college training to be a nursery nurse teacher but I had to end that when I
lost my eyesight.
It's been quite difficult trying to go and find a job because at the moment I've hardly
got any confidence at all.
If you convince yourself that you can do something or you have the skills, you have the abilities,
you have the experience and you have the qualification and if you know you can do it then I think
you can turn around any employer.
I'm hoping to get a lot more confident and basically learn how to do an interview if
I get an interview, and how to apply for a job and hopefully at the end of it, get a job.
Good morning everyone, how are you all? Good. Had a good week?
I'm just finishing delivering the Pre-Employment Programme. It's been going really well. We
started a couple of months ago. I feel most of my participants really have grown in confidence.
The last thing I would like to do is to talk about interview skills and interview techniques.
The reason I would like to cover that topic now is because Wendy, this afternoon, is having
her second interview for a job.
The job that I'm going for is to work in a laundrette. Doing this course over the last
few months has really built up my confidence because before I done this course I wouldn't
have even thought about going out and looking for work, just waiting for it to come to me.
It's important for people that are blind or partially sighted to do a course like this
because it will give you the confidence. You do learn new skills and new techniques. You're
actually with people that have gone through the same thing as you.
Well I hope it’s going to go well.
Thank you.
We will have our fingers crossed for you today and I really hope you're going to get this job.
Even if I don't get this job that I'm going for today I won't give up. I will just keep
persevering and hoping to get more and more interviews.
Wendy got the job that she applied for. So we're all very excited and very, very delighted for her.
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Wendy's Employment Story

5482 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on January 20, 2014
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