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  • thanks for tuning in to the public TV via watching from life from the Big Scotch to loser in the national capital.

  • And viewers of a big controversy has broken out over the arrival off certain kabaddi players year in Pakistan, where the arrival of an Indian team in Pakistan for the World Cup Buddy Jam Ventress has kicked off controversy with the sports ministry on the national federation, claiming that they have not given any clearance to any athlete for competing in the neighboring country.

  • In fact, a contingent from India reached Lahore on Saturday by the Varga border to take part in this championship being hosted by Pakistan for the very first time.

  • The tournament, which begins today at the Binge a football stadium in Lahore, followed some matches which will also be held in Faizabad and got drunk that little fire, your ability as a living sample.

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  • So he was an official statement now coming in from the FBI, which is the governing body and federation for cover the players.

  • They went on to state and accord that we have no information about any cover the team to have gone to Pakistan.

  • No permission was ever granted by the FBI any team to go to Pakistan and play any company match there.

  • In fact, the old went on to state that we came to go about it only after information was sought.

  • The FBI does not support any such activity, and legal action may be taken against the defaulters as wet.

thanks for tuning in to the public TV via watching from life from the Big Scotch to loser in the national capital.

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