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Come on.
Have one, Dumbo.
We're calling him Dumbo now?
If we call him Jumbo Junior...
it might make him miss his mom.
Here you go... Dumbo.
Come on, and flap those ears again.
To show us we didn't imagine it.
Your momma, she didn't mean to hurt anyone.
She was just protecting you.
And we think your ears are great.
Maybe he wants to be alone. Like Dad.
Nobody wants to be alone.
if you change your mind...
Night-night, Dumbo.
It's not the peanuts that made him do it.
It's the feathers!
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Dumbo (2019) | "Joe and Milly Comforts Dumbo" Clip [HD]

25 Folder Collection
黃才芸 published on March 15, 2020
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