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  • finding tonight with so much news this week, we cannot forget Tennessee.

  • And tonight, the Story of one couple.

  • Just days after two tornadoes hit Tennessee tonight one Maur discovery what one community is calling a lasting love story.

  • James and Donna Eaten, discovered together.

  • They did not survive.

  • They were married for 58 years.

  • Born and raised in East Nashville.

  • They would meet when they were just kids and they would grow up to marry.

  • They raised their family and Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

  • Three Children, four grandchildren, six great grandchildren.

  • The pride of their lives.

  • They were found in their home, side by side.

  • The mayor tonight calling them model Citizens Model church members.

  • Donna Eaten served the church for 25 years.

  • There on the right there, Pastor saying to know them was to love them.

  • They loved their friends, a group they knew since high school.

  • They played cards every Friday night under Grandson Jake, telling us tonight they exemplified what it was to love.

  • They were our family's inspiration.

  • James and Donna remembered, and we're still thinking about Tennessee.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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finding tonight with so much news this week, we cannot forget Tennessee.

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