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  • Right now we get the latest on those Idaho siblings missing since the fall.

  • Their stepfather is now speaking out as their mother.

  • Lori Val awaits extradition from Hawaii.

  • Paul Affairs to strike in the case.

  • Good morning, Paula.

  • Good morning to you, George.

  • The kids have not been seeing since September, their stepfather now telling us they are safe this morning, the stepfather of those two missing Idaho siblings telling ABC News the kids are safe.

  • His former neighbors in Hawaii say he told that same story before he left the island on Thursday.

  • When I said, Are your kids okay?

  • And he said, Yes, I said, Is Laurie OK?

  • And he said Yes.

  • It's been more than five months since 17 year old Tiley Ryan and her brother, seven year old J.

  • J.

  • Val oh, vanished without a trace.

  • Their mother, Lori Val oh, is being held in this Hawaii jail on $5 million bail for criminal charges relating to deserting her Children.

  • She's refused to divulge where they are or if they're okay.

  • Lauren, you tell me where last week day Belle told our Marcus Moore he's staying quiet because of the legal process.

  • Is there anything that you would like to say to people at all who are number one concerned about?

  • The cans are concerned about you on your wife.

  • Anything at all.

  • You want to say support Jay Jay's grandfather wants to know if the Children are in fact safe.

  • Where are they?

  • Somebody has to step up and say We seen him.

  • We know where he is that we think we know where he's at.

  • Laurie Val Oh is expected to be extradited to Idaho this week to face a trial over her missing Children.

  • And while family and friends do you want to believe Chad Day Bell when he says the kids are safe?

  • Both he and Laurie have been untruthful to investigators about the kid's whereabouts throughout this entire process.

  • Laureate one Time referred to herself as an empty nester.

  • Yes, so many questions.

  • So disturbing ones.

  • All right, just just certainly do.

  • Paula.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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Right now we get the latest on those Idaho siblings missing since the fall.

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