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  • Hey, we're going on, everyone.

  • I'm Sean Evans and you're watching hot ones.

  • It's the show with hard questions and even hotter wings.

  • And today I'm joined by Queen whatever wannabe star of the upcoming Lego movie, too.

  • As the shape shifting monarch of the cyst, Our system, she can lend a helping hand or seek to those in need.

  • But don't let her looks fool you.

  • This queen rules with an iron tentacle.

  • Now it's time to see if this rambunctious royal is built to withstand the heat of these blistering wings.

  • You talk way too fast, Shine.

  • Did anybody ever tell you that?

  • Anyways, you ready to get it going?

  • Your Majesty, these first few should be easy for someone as wild and fiery as you are.

  • These hot sauce has been a bow down and kiss three.

  • Sure.

  • Let's start here with the bad out of habanero sauce and the metal beard's revenge Easy and delicious.

  • Okay, let's heat things up with the next sauce.

  • Doubles blood.

  • I got my nostrils open.

  • I don't even have nostrils.

  • You need some water before we move on.

  • No, I'm good.

  • Okay.

  • This is blastoff sauce.

  • It's a tough one.

  • you know, you can tap out if you want, right?

  • Oh, you know, shot.

  • I could be whatever I want to be, and I would never be acquitted.

  • I got this baby.

  • It's tradition Thio put a little extra on the last wing, But you don't have to if you don't want to be.

  • Oh, better right?

  • Easy peasy.

  • What has happened?

  • It has to be the most bonkers interview I've ever done.

  • A lot of the Lego movie to rated PG.

  • You can experience it in I.

  • Max follows a lot of almond milk.

Hey, we're going on, everyone.

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