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  • It's almost like Marty Graham.

  • It's Halloween where people just come up with these crazy costumes.

  • I think it's just such a unique experience, and it's fun.

  • And Lizzie say, I am a level for Google Local guide here in Chicago.

  • ST.

  • Patrick's Day in Chicago is like no other people one day a year wannabe actor assisting Patrick Stable If you're not Irish, music and dance is very important, too, because there was a really good way still latched on.

  • I'm mostly Irish and Irish pride.

  • You really feel that's definitely woven all throughout the city.

  • Architecture is amazing, but there are pubs everywhere.

  • I just get inspired walking down the street.

  • People are friendly here.

  • They're driven.

  • I just absolutely love it really thrive on this energy here.

  • I live just a few blocks from the river and to be able to just walk down to the river, dying where people are flying from all over for This is not something you get to see every day just getting out here.

  • But there's going to be thousands of people.

  • Chicago prides itself on this tradition.

  • You know it's been going on for more than 1/2 a century, plumbers union are the ones who died with Green, where Middle America were built on the working class.

  • And so it's a good fit.

  • It's just different, and it's an experience makes for great photos.

  • You can see the orange dye, that secret formula from the plumber's union.

  • When people come to a new place and they bring their traditions with them.

  • That tradition evolves over time, people kind of making their own.

  • And when you have such interesting ways to celebrate, people come back and want to be a part of that.

  • My fingers are freezing now, so we're gonna warm up and then get ready to go to the frame.

  • People come from all over the place.

  • People travel just for this occasion.

  • Have people from Romania right next to me.

  • Hey, guys, I wish dancers, bagpipes.

  • Politicians will be out here.

  • It's just exciting.

  • You see everybody in their costumes wearing tuxedos and awesome looking dogs.

  • It is quite the spectacle, you know.

  • People would go wild for like, you know, a little green necklace.

  • People who are Irish come out and celebrate, but really everybody is Irish, Ah, visual person.

  • So being able to capture a photo and share that way, I think, is really helpful when people are trying to get a sense of the place.

  • I have people reaching out to me from other parts of the U.

  • S.

  • And all over the world.

  • It's really neat being able to connect with people and get them excited about a place that I think is really great.

  • People from Chicago have a lot of pride about being from here when I'm on the way home from the airport and the skyline all lit up like a skit shows it never gets old.

  • I appreciate it every single time.

It's almost like Marty Graham.

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