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  • Dan, what do you do to develop your ability strategically and tactically?

  • That's actually a pretty intelligent question.

  • So first of all, here's what you don't want to do.

  • There's some people, and I've seen this with entrepreneurs also worth consultants, that they are very, very good with tactics that they're very good with, like needy, greedy details.

  • But yet they don't see the big picture.

  • On the other hand, I also see people that the only thing strategically really do understand tactical what it takes to get it done to execute the way that I did it personally is I focus on tactics first, because I don't believe you can be a very, very good strategic thinker.

  • If you don't understand the tactics right, you don't understand the day to day and what it takes to execute that strategy.

  • Because if you don't know, all you have is a crazy wild guess off what the strategy is, and you don't know if it works or not.

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  • Click the link in the description, so I'll give you a perfect example.

  • Let's say you run a restaurant and you just focus on on strategies.

  • Big picture.

  • You know what?

  • This is what the restaurant should look like, and this is at the core, and this is going to be the menu and this the color that we want.

  • That's all kind of strategic strategy thing, and we're gonna open up.

  • You know how we open our second or third location and fifth location, and we're gonna franchise this and all this stuff is good, right?

  • That strategy and that's that's critical.

  • That's important.

  • But technically is.

  • How do we make good food?

  • How do you make sure the ingredients are fresh?

  • How do we make sure that we get repeat customers?

  • How do we make sure that the waiter and the waitress in the trenches where the customer service, how do we ensure that they actually provided great experience for the guests?

  • And how do we make sure that they are happy as well?

  • They're earning good money on in good tips, see that's a tactic.

  • Make sure the tables clean.

  • That's tactic, strategy and tactics, and you need both to have a successful business.

  • So the way I did it, I understand the tactics.

  • I've worked in the trenches.

  • I know the nitty gritty details.

  • I have done my job.

  • My first job in the only job I was the one that is clean your bathroom.

  • I was the one that was stalking Ken's on the shelves before this, right?

  • I've done a lot of things, like a lot of 30 work, right?

  • A lot stuff.

  • They're gonna roll the sleeves that are not pleasant, but you do it.

  • You learn what it takes and you learn a different aspects off a business.

  • Then later on, when you evolved and maybe you make a shift off in step doing, you don't do that shit over night.

  • Instead of doing 80% it could be practical and then 20% strategic later on, maybe 60% tactical and then 40% strategic.

  • And then maybe they're laid on.

  • It's the other way around.

  • It's 20% tactical and 80% strategic, and to a get to a point where you're very successful, get a point that you are doing maybe 100% teaching work.

  • I kind of like what I do today, but it's all the night.

  • But this is holly development.

  • You cannot be afraid of doing the hot work.

  • You gotta pay the price.

  • And usually it takes years to master all the tactics to know all the tactics that are available to make that business successful in your chosen industry.

  • And when you come up with strategies, it's precise is bang on.

  • That's my recommendation.

  • Next time I'll see my belly.

Dan, what do you do to develop your ability strategically and tactically?

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