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  • the Summer Olympics are coming to Tokyo in 2020 and the city is spending about $12 billion to stage the event.

  • But as of late, the Olympics have been struggling to attract a younger audience.

  • At the last Summer Games in Rio, TV viewership among 18 to 35 year olds fell more than 25%.

  • So Olympic organizers made a controversial decision.

  • 2020 games You in Tokyo.

  • Skateboarding is coming to the game personally.

  • My view is, it's about time they need that young viewership in their summer games.

  • The way that snowboarding brought that young viewership to their Winter Games and one skater in particular may be the savior the Olympics need to draw in more kids because she is one Sky Brown is 10 years old and very excited about skating.

  • It will always be my favorite toy, like outplaying the house.

  • You're sitting in my book.

  • I didn't really know what it was like.

  • I was just like I felt just like a fun toy split there.

  • Like once, I would like you guys have been learning how to really good, and I like I have thio.

  • But that was ages ago, you know when she was three, seven years later and she may be headed to the Olympics.

  • Sandri.

  • Really cool like it's gonna be like people that, like super gnarly trip, really find a lot.

  • And hopefully it inspires, like kids still like.

  • Think that, Making the hiccups, that assuming she can remain hiccup free and her team qualifies.

  • Sky will be competing on the UK team in 2020 as she's a dual citizen of both England and Japan.

  • Well, I just England kiss like we weren't even gonna do to the Olympics, because with those my well, my parents, I was too much pressure for me.

  • You know, I really want to do it back there that the skateboarding association like the boss she like.

  • She said that there's no pressure, just get out there and have fun, and I feel like that's the most important part about it is just have fun.

  • Part of the fun for Sky also comes from seeing the impact she has on other young girls.

  • Usually a couple girls will collect in asking because guy rounds up and can you take a photo with the and it makes you like, really happy to know that I'm like, inspiring people stuff to just get out there and this really cool, like seeing more girl skating since I was born, I feel like that's what I wanted.

  • Tiu, Tiu like inspire people, all those guys aware of the pressure she faces, it doesn't seem to faze her.

  • No, it doesn't make me nervous, but it does make you feel well, like if, like, a bunch of good skaters were watching and stuff and the love people and if you want to try like these, could like new tricks and stuff, but not really.

  • But even if the skateboarding experiment doesn't help draw younger viewers to the event in Tokyo, it won't be the end of the Olympic Committee search for street cred.

  • The 2024 Olympics in Paris is considering adding breakdancing.

  • And since guy, actually one ABC is dancing with the Stars Junior's competition, who knows?

the Summer Olympics are coming to Tokyo in 2020 and the city is spending about $12 billion to stage the event.

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