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  • sparing powdered dye all over each other to celebrate the Festival of color.

  • Holy heralds the end of winter and start of spring.

  • And these people in the capital weren't letting warnings about Corona virus get in the way of their celebrations.

  • Or we're going to collect here regardless off age, regardless of religion, Creed and we're going to color each other, have a very good time.

  • I'm very good, very good lunch also.

  • But elsewhere, Indians are concerned of the dozens of confirmed cases so far from Kerala in the south toe Indian administered Kashmir in the north, Kashmiri parents are appealing to the government to airlift their Children from universities in Iran.

  • Iran has one of the highest number of covert 19 cases outside China.

  • We're very concerned about your Children, more the fate over Children who are stranded in Iran.

  • They're going for the medical education.

  • We are very hopeful.

  • I mean that the government of India would do something very seriously in bringing over Children back toe media 2000 Indians there, awaiting evacuation flights from Iran on Indian industries of feeling the effects to India, is the world's biggest supplier of generic drugs.

  • But most of the ingredients come from China without drama till we can't do the production.

  • That's why we have cartel a production activities.

  • Since Chinese imports stopped, India's government banned the export of 26 medicines, including paracetamol, to keep the home market supplied consumer the gate articulated in a pointer.

  • Consumers haven't been affected yet, but if this continues the next one or two months, the consumer definitely feel the effect on more than pricing will feel the effect of the shortage.

  • The pharmaceutical industry is urging the government to allow imports of ingredients from countries other than China.

  • While that will take time, the government has ordered immediate measures, including closing all primary schools in Delhi and indeed administered Kashmir, and screening all airline passenger arrivals.

  • But policing what happens in public places is easier than in people's homes, despite Prime minister that in Ramadi saying he wants to be celebrating Holi, the Sierra and Delhi's chief minister, asking people to stay away from crowds.

  • Thes show of defiance is an indication of just how difficult it will be to contain an outbreak amongst 1.3 billion people.

sparing powdered dye all over each other to celebrate the Festival of color.

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