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  • deep up Osama supplying the interagency task force on emerging infectious diseases or a T f e i d.

  • On poke about a pardon travel ban Set your and Italy Japan and Singapore IRS, ADF, Hindi support Abbas a hard on our own and Cove in 19 cases.

  • Parramatta about a part time travel ban.

  • The orders have been hired.

  • No, I d f the moronic.

  • Consider Magneto could be longer.

  • John Bolton Alexander Gammon behind the Department of Foreign Affairs saying the moon asylum a BB gun, No visa.

  • Some of our Iranian nationals are you in good health?

  • Secretary Francisco Dok The third Indiana Money.

  • Donovan Who?

  • Logan number two.

  • But now travel bans Iran.

  • Russia is Osama.

  • Me?

  • Uh so come on.

  • Criteria out of nine.

  • Travel ban.

  • Absolute last medal.

  • They selected travel ban so defend their situation.

  • Selling Bonito Mani Asan Makoto Lawyer Factory issue Once a song The honored Some reports on the number of Filipino mall Osama Khao San Chartered flight So soon does a cannula nearly No, no Madame Goth Nico, consider Dona Persons under monitoring at salsa album supporting the home or self quarantine.

  • Hey, Nina!

  • Soledad Allegiance A quarantine facility then Indiana Mansilla garlands the epicenter and cove in 19 guardian and mine and guarding.

  • So one city said China cut along the video age of pure of quarantine.

  • OMALU COLUMN Tom Holland Second Canyon monologue are open.

  • A monitor and a wimp in Oi Pack it Thomas Skakel amongst So speak by way off daily monitoring for fever for cops and cold.

  • Another scene.

  • Thumbs up.

  • Desperate party, Some mental again eat and D o h No, my support telephone.

  • Does I own Stop Octagon Simon Thomas Some respiratory infection might not find that in 400,000 and 88.

  • Mask partisan on health workers delivers a Philippine International trading corporation.

  • O p i.

  • D C.

  • No.

  • The 1000 masculine going go myself in onions supplying Iona personal protective equipment.

  • O p p.

  • Ease, part of some of my health workers, said Open Ocean Noble Otto.

  • Any type arena.

  • D'oh Asia!

  • Approval on camera, but it's a 2.25 billion pesos.

  • A supplemental budget parasite.

  • Case management don't go with 19 7 stuff.

  • We have about 2 530 million available budget off the d O H that we can use.

  • In the meantime, that we are awaiting the dew point billions approved by President, but which we need Congressional not Eiko Miguel.

  • You NTV news arrest you money, love.

deep up Osama supplying the interagency task force on emerging infectious diseases or a T f e i d.

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