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Don't be fooled by its apparent unity of style.
The Duomo has been built over more than five centuries
having been started in the 14th century and finished with the façade in the 19th century.
In fact it's still being built because the cathedral is so complex and fragile
that it needs continuous restorations. Sculptors are always at work
restoring and substituting some of its more than 3,000 marble statues
so that the enormous cathedral is continuously rebuilding itself
in the same way a human body is continuously substituting its old cells with new ones.
To fully appreciate the Duomo I suggest you first have a walk around it
to appreciate the gigantic scale and the magnificent view from the back
which is the oldest part of the cathedral.
Then you can get a ticket for the terraces and take the elevator up to the rooftop
or climb the two hundred steps if you're the sporty type.
From the roof, if it's a clear day
you can not only fully appreciate the marble forest of pinnacles, spires and statues
but also enjoy magnificent views of the city centre.
Finally you can enter the cathedral,
just remember to have a suitable dress, no shorts or mini skirts for example
otherwise you could be denied entrance.
Once inside there are so many things to notice and appreciate
but I will now highlight only two details: the colorful stained glass windows
which shine into the rather dark interior,
and the amazing Saint Bartholomew statue near the back door entrance,
an example of incredible sculpting ability.
Even if somewhat gory with the saint bearing his skin taken away from the body
during the martyrdom.
The Duomo square offers at least two other highlights apart from the Duomo itself:
the Palazzo Reale, which hosts the most important temporary art exhibitions in the city
and the recently opened Museo del Novecento,
a tribute to the importance of Milan in the 20th century artistic scene.
In fact Milan has been the epicenter of important artistic movements,
from Futurism to Arte Povera, which are well represented in the brand new museum.
Especially impressive is the Lucio Fontana hall with spectacular views over the Duomo square.
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Duomo di Milano: a short guide to the cathedral of Milan

14025 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on January 4, 2015    綾羅飄起 translated    Ludan Zheng reviewed
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